Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson? Los Angeles Times Publishes Anti-Tea Party Smear From 'Concerned Citizen' and Unidentified Black Radical Feminist!

Man, that's some wool-covering.


People of color who've observed the ascent of the so-called tea party movement didn't need a poll to tell them that this spasm is merely a racist backlash to the election of the nation's first African American president.

By failing to critique the tea party's Obama-as-socialist/illegal alien/terrorist rhetoric, the mainstream media have been complicit in legitimizing these canards.

The "anti-government" propaganda that the tea party spews about the healthcare overhaul was never in evidence during George W. Bush's massive expansion of government spending. And the privileged all-white tea party mobs who storm the Capitol in "outrage" over the Wall Street bailout have never felt motivated to challenge the GOP's welfare-for-corporate-America, free-enterprise-for-the-poor platform

Sikivu Hutchinson

Los Angeles

Actually ... Sikivu Hutchinson FAIL:


Of course it's no surprise that LAT fails to indicate Sikivu Hutchinson as a radical black atheist and editor at the communist feminist portal, Blackfemlens:
Blackfemlens seeks to counter the sexist whitewash of the American media regime by offering women of color a progressive space to comment on politics, urban affairs, literature, and the arts.
Nope, Sikivu Hutchinson's just some mainstream concerned Angelino writing a regular old mainstream letter to the mainstream editorial board.

And perhaps LAT might have noted that Sikivu Hutchinson, is actually Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson, who is on staff at
the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commmittee (which, just by coincidence, boasts a "hate crimes" unit):
Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson brings a wealth of experience to the Commission. She was most recently Chief of Staff for Los Angeles Unified School Board member Genethia Hayes where she researched and provided analyses on issues before the school board, supervised the staff, served as community liaison and facilitated parent and community meetings.

Dr. Hutchinson has a doctorate in Performance Studies from New York University and a Bachelors of Art in anthropology from the University of California at Los Angeles. She has lectured on Critical Studies at California Institute of the Arts, where she developed and taught courses on Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies and has lectured on Liberal Studies at California State University Los Angeles. She also has developed and taught courses on racial identity and post modernism at Cal Arts, and has published several scholarly works on race and gender, including "Moving to the Center: Culturally Relevant Education and Student Agency in LAUSD," in California English, April 2002

sikivu hutchinson

Hmmm ... performance studies?

Kinda like
leftist performance chic assassination fascination? No hate crimes here. Nosiree.

Dr. Sikuvu Hutchinson concerned citizen FAIL.

And God, LAT totally unattributed bankrupt editorial practices FAIL.