Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Michele Bachmann: Democrats ‘Celebrating Oklahoma City Bombing’

An update on "Leftist Political Crisis Exploitation." From Tea Party Patriots Chicago:

Also, at Althouse, "Why is Bill Clinton suddenly making such a spectacle of himself over the Tea Party?":
Oh! It's a memorial for human beings who died 15 years ago. We are remembering them, and that brings Bill Clinton, who was President in 1995, to the fore. There was nothing partisan about who lived and died in the Oklahoma City bombing. Children — individuals who never thought about politics — died that day. Yet here is Bill Clinton using his special prominence today to unleash a political attack to push back a populist movement that threatens his political party.


Dennis said...

You would think that a President that has both Waco and Ruby Ridge in his presidency would know to keep his mouth shut. All this does is just remind people of the many things he could be held responsible for by his own logic.

Janet Reno said...

Bachmann and the nutjobs at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians are all cut from the same ragged cloth. They all belong in Jonestown drinking Kool-Aid. Take Sarah Palin and her trailer-trash family with you too.

Grizzly Mama said...

The lefties are really getting sick now.

Clinton can try to equate what McVeigh did, where babies were murdered in cold blood, with law abiding citizens assembling peacefully - and his buddy Joe Klein accuses us of sedition. What else do they have up their nasty little sleeves?

Dennis said...

Not even the real Janet Reno would be dumb enough to try and connect Ruby Ridge, Jonestown and the Branch Davidians. Truly fatuous drivel from a mindless Leftist. Nice try at dissembling though for a 12 year old.
I always enjoy PDS.

ErnieLane said...

It's telling that McVeigh acted -- admittedly -- because of Waco. His bombing was exactly two years to the day after that. Words -- from conservatives, liberals, or little green men from Mars -- had absolutely nothing to do with it.