Thursday, April 22, 2010

Barrett 'Bodies' Brown Disses Him Some Social Conservatives!

In my in-box, from Barrett Brown:
I think that in person you are probably a decent fellow who cares for this country and who tries to do the right thing, but that in the realm of politics, your honor and integrity are non-existent. Clearly, your religious beliefs have not done anything to prompt you to act in accordance with basic ethical standards. And although I doubt it will play out this way, I sincerely invite you to ask yourself why you have chosen dishonesty and misinformation over a mere correction that would have taken you 30 seconds to write and which would have cost you nothing in terms of ideological point-scoring.

If I'm not mistaken, Barrett wants an update to this post on Wikileaks, where I note, "the video and illustrated photo are added just for idiot Barret Brown, who like all hardline leftists, denies truth for a manufactured reality." (Now updated.) Or it could be this post, where, after debunking Wikileaks' propaganda, I write, "Sorry, Barrett, don't pass go, don't collect $200. Better go back and visit Jawa a bit more." (Now updated.) The Jawa reference is to Rusty Shackleford, et al., who did the yeoman's work in debunking the lies of Julian Assange.

But what's particulary interesting is that, in fact, when first contacted by Barrett, I went to update my posts -- but I couldn't find Barrett's alleged correction. And readers can check for themselves. Below are the relevant headlines at Barrett's blog. Only the first post cited includes anything resembling normal blogospheric practice indicating revisions, such as "UPDATED", or "CORRECTION APPENDED", etc. Frankly, looking again, I'm just now finding what could be seen as a retraction, but the post is not marked in any highlighted fashion, or is the post appended to previous entries to reflect a major rethinking or recognition of others. Truth is, Barrett Brown lives in his own atheistic world of hate, but see the titles for yourself:

* "Wikileaks Press Conference; Mankind Decides His Future, One Eye Open; VIDEO, TRANSCRIPT NOW UP."

* "
Fascist U.S. Bloggers Come Late to Game, Announce Score."

* "
Wikileaks, the Reactive Media, and the Necessity of Project PM."

Here's where he corrects his mistakes, but there's no special mention at the post or anywhere else. And Barrett never sent me the link as a courtesy heads up:

* "WikiLeaks Editor Lies to Stephen Colbert, World; WikiLeaks Necessary Nonetheless."
And this is what I get instead:
* "Video: Why Project PM Will Not Include Social Conservatives."
Here's the vloggy edition:

Amazing resemblance to Johnny Rotten (social conservative). Anyone for some "Bodies"?


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