Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Authorities Bust Mobile Medicinal Pot Collective

Gotta love this one, "Rolling pot dispensary targeted in Riverside" (And "arthritis in the knees"? Can you say "Alleve"?):

A Riverside County man took his mobile medical marijuana collective on the road several months ago. But authorities say he's running more than a pot collective out of his RV, and they've threatened to put him in jail.

Stewart Hauptman is a former jockey with arthritis in his knees. He says he's successfully used medical marijuana for quite some time to help deal with the pain.

"When it started to help me, I thought about other patients that might need the same type of help that I was getting," said Hauptman.

So he converted his 1985 Pace Arrow motor home into a medicinal marijuana collective with shelves and baskets for the pot.

"It's a mobile RV, it's a one of a kind. It was just my understanding what people need in this lifetime, they want service," said Hauptman.

It would appear Hauptman has everything he needs to conduct business. He has his articles of incorporation and a seller's permit, but he's missing perhaps the most important thing& the marijuana. That's because everywhere he tries to conduct business, law enforcement tells him it's against the law.

"They're not allowing me anywhere to go, that's why it sits here in my driveway," said Hauptman.