Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Left's Racist Tea Party Fetish

Colbert King offers really disgusting essay at WaPo, "In the Faces of Tea Party Shouters, Images of Hate and History."

Readers can check the link, but I swear it's actually degrading -- and downright ignorant -- to hear a grown black man compare tea partiers to KKK night riders.

My daddy used to drop down into his down home pitter-patter when dissing the self-loathing blacks who refused to get off the plantation. Some folks have attacked me as RAAACIST for ridiculing leftists and Obama-cultists that way. And let 'em. These people have no clue anyway. Besides, I'll let
Dan Riehl have the honor of ripping into Colbert King tonight:

No idea what he'd do if his one note, dayz O-pressed us so much and fo so's long, now, theme ever stops resonating, as it should. But it keeps da chicken on da table, Ize guesses.

It is truly sad to see an allegedly free man squander so much of his life and thinking invested in so much racism, hate and non-existent victimization. He can't even see his way clear to open the door and step out from his cage. But they'll feed him, so long as he entertains and serves, I guess. So, it all works out okay in the end. I guess life on the plantation isn't really so bad, after all. If it were, he'd just leave. Then, massa would have to up and find himself another token house negroe, if'n he did dat.

More on the theme at AmSpec, where it's rightfully called "disgraceful."

And still more at BlogProf.

If I don't make fun of it, the sub-human thinking and mindset of tragic people like Colbert King makes me sick.

Spoken like a brotha. Thanks Dan.