Saturday, March 27, 2010

Scott Eric Kaufman, Self-Hating Skankwad, Does It Again!

Here's a follow up to January's entry, "Scott Eric Kaufman: If You Smear My Grammar at Least Edit Your F**KED UP Prose and Use Spell Check."

It turns out the hypocritical skank is at it again. See, "
Donald Douglas Somehow Managed to Top Himself." The gist of the attack is that somehow I'm functionally illiterate:
... because he’s proven it’s possible to be gainfully employed in academia and functionally illiterate, I can’t even manage a few moments of schadenfreude.
Sure, to be fair to Skanky Little Scotty, my bad. I could have sworn that was Jeff's comments at the post, "Shorter Jeff Goldstein." Chalk one up for the Big Bad Boys at Lawyers, Gays and Marriage, where academic giants like Robert Fuckwad Farley stiff good-faith conservatives for a thousand bucks while sucking back a few whiskey sours. That's real class.

Besides, Little Scotty's schtick is to attack conservatives for bad writing and alleged "functional illiteracy" while demonstrating -- once again! -- actual functional illiteracy. See the original post in question:


Consider, for example, the condensed verion of the the rational arguments with which he and his commenters engaged my argument the other day ...
Look, I know math instructors don't like students to use a calculator (they need to show work). But I've never heard English instructors argue against spell check. No matter. When you troll the web all day to demonize supposedly inferior academics who cares if your own posts are routinely riddled with factual inaccuracies, spelling errors, and blatant lies? Hey, that's the postmodern sensibility, you know. Anyway, it's at the screencap just in case Skankwad Scotty updates the post. And folks can excuse my own alleged illiteracy, especially since Goldstein writes like this most of the time:
It is an Orwellian world in which we live when fucking novelists want to distance themselves from those who criticize the government.
Anyway, since Skanky Scotty was just doing skanky snark, I'll counter with the real thing:
Scott is a fly-eating fuck who wouldn't know his asshole from the worthless scrolled-end of the diploma granting his non-existent "Doctorate of Philosophy of English." You'd think a goddamned prick like this would have better things to do than travel around the web swinging his little penis and yelling, as if mentally challenged, "I'm smarter than you 'cuz I'm a self-proclaimed radical academic leftist with super cool blogging YouTubes to prove it!" This pretentious cock would do everyone a big favor if he'd for once turn his sights on the real evil, the Democratic-left's alliance of hate. But being the bottomless shit-eater that he is, he'll dismiss his ideological brethren as some kind of aberration, rather than the genuine representatives of his buttfucked worldview that they are:

Fuck you, Scotty Self-Hating Skankwad. Go shovel your shitpile of sickening self-said academic superiority somewhere else, you ugly motherfucking prick.