Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kill the Bill! - Nationwide Protests Against ObamaCare

From Michelle, "Day of Defiance: Nationwide Protests as Slaughter House Rushes Through Demcare":

Nancy Pelosi’s Slaughter House convenes at 9am. The chaplain opened with a prayer that had this line: “Shield us with your Holy Spirit, Lord…and drive away all that is evil.”

Amen to that.

On the West Lawn of the Capitol, Tea Party protesters and health care takeover opponents meet at high noon to raise their voices against the rotten policy and rotten process that has led us to this foul moment.

Americans will also gather at demonstrations nationwide to show their disgust and disapproval of the corruption, coercion, and Constitution-butchering.

I’ll post as many reader notices, photos, etc. from across the country as I can. Kicking off the rundown ....
Check the link.

Also, at LAT, "
First step begins in the healthcare fray: Committee setting up ground rules."


Reaganite Republican said...

Going to be an entertaining day, to say the least... linked at Reaganite Republican: