Saturday, March 27, 2010

Now That ObamaCare Has Passed...

Via Sir Smitty, a hammering video from the Heritage Foundation:

And via Memeorandum, at The Hill, "Obama Begins Tough Sell of Healthcare and Education Reform."

The piece notes that President Obama has dared Republicans to repeal the law. And no doubt that challenge is the pretext for all that will happen politically in 2010. And it's a big one. Democrats are taking on a huge challenge. They passed the bill with majorities opposing the legislation. And polls out this week found the public unhappy with the result. At CNN, "
Americans don't like health care bill." And Gallup finds the most resistance among elderly Americans, "Majority of Poor, Young, Uninsured Back Healthcare Bill: A majority of seniors say passing it was a bad thing." So not only does Obama have to sell the legislation, he needs to energize the youth demographic - the newer voters who helped drive the Democrats to victory in 2008. But enthusiasm among the college-age cohort has declined dramatically over the last year, so the hurdles are extremely high for the president. This helps explain, obviously, why the Democratic-left has launched violent jihad against conservatives, Republicans and tea partiers. The "race card" is all they have left. That and a few well-placed but scurrilous allegations in the Oba-media might help shift a few fence-sitters over to the socialists. It won't be enough, of course. The GOP will pick up seats in November. That won't be enough to repeal the legislation, but it will set the table for the GOP to return to the White House in 2012. And when you see John McCain inviting Sarah Palin to introduce him at campaign rallies, there's hardly better indication of where the balance of ideological power is today in American politics.

Prepare for battle folks. The Dems are going get what's coming to them, big time.


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Another call to battle, Professor ...


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