Thursday, March 25, 2010

Leftist Hate-Libel Fans Flames of Polarization: Obama Taunts Opponents With Political Recrimination!

At Politico, "Lawmakers Trade Charges of 'Fanning the Flames' of Violence."

But check Doug Powers, "
Clyburn: Health Care Opponents are Aiding and Abetting Terrorism," and via Glenn Reynolds, "Still waiting for the Dems to condemn Courtland Milloy’s violent rhetoric. (Via Ben Cunningham)."

Also, Dan Collins, "Manufactured Hate Criminals."

Erick Erickson responds to the allegations of intimidation and violence, "If King George Will Not Listen ...":
I have heard the audio of some of the threats. I get worse stuff routinely. Rush Limbaugh gets worse stuff on a daily basis. Republican members of Congress have gotten similar and worse stuff. Thank God this wasn’t a free trade vote or a variety of left wing groups would have half the country in flames right now. I do believe the 24 hours of threats, many of which were pretty weak, has gotten more national coverage than the leftist anarchists in Texas who molotov cocktailed the Texas Governor’s Mansion — for which arrests have never been made.

I am forced to largely conclude that the Democrats are running to the nearest microphone in an effort to play the victim and generate sympathy as they try to steer poll numbers back in their direction ...
And the kicker! From The Hill, "President Obama to Repeal-Minded Republicans: 'Go for It'." (Via Memeorandum.)


SR said...

The Leftinistra are ALWAYS like this so why do they complain?

Tapline said...

There is much spewing of preceived "terrorist" threats regurgitating in full throttle. This is feeding the squirrels.... Another planned strategy????just wondering????

Dave said...

It has now become rather simple, and no advanced degree is required to understand it.

Either Barack Hussien Obama is impeached beginning January of next year, or we lose our America for good.

Assuming we haven't already.


science fiction writer said...

Obama has divided America to an unprecedented degree.