Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Harry Reid Thugs Threaten Andrew Breitbart!

Lots of video at Founding Bloggers. The first below captures the in-your-face threat made by a violent Harry Reid support as the Tea Party Express was rolling into Searchlight. See, "BREAKING VIDEO: Reid Supporters Throwing Eggs And Assaulting Andrew Breitbart":

Plus, also at Founding Bloggers, "MORE SEARCHLIGHT VIDEO – Union Thug Accuses Breitbart of Racism." This one is particularly thuggish. The black fellow argues that the "demographics in this country have changed ... your way of thinking is over." That's more of the conservatism is inherently racist cant. Man, that's bad:

Plus, see also, "(UPDATED) VIDEO – The Egg Man Of Searchlight, Nevada." (Via Memorandum.)

Allahpundit resists generalization, but this thuggery is totally commonplace on the hard left. We've been seeing these demons in action for over a year now.