Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The RNC Debacle

From Hugh Hewitt:

Rarely have the e-mails flowed in as quickly as they did Monday as news spread of the RNC's profligacy and of its highly objectionable choice of entertainment venues. They are coming from individuals who, as recently as Friday, had at my urging sent money to the National Republican Congressional Committee to help in the effort to oust Nancy Pelosi. They are coming from people who are living on tight budgets in an era of economic uncertainty but who had sacrificed because the country cannot afford another two years of a Pelosi-Reid led Congress.

They are coming from very, very angry Republicans.

And they are right to be angry.

Whether or not RNC staffers share the very traditional beliefs on moral questions of the vast majority of their regular voters, the idea of partying at even "upscale" sex-themed nightclubs is quite obviously not only at the top of the stupid charts, it also reflects thorough-going contempt for the folks that sent them to work in the first place.

This latest scandal follows another one wherein the crackerjack staff at the RNC circulated a memo dripping in disdain for the conservative rank and file . The memo-flap soon passed as staff memos just aren't that interesting.

This scandal will not soon pass. It is a huge blow at a time of otherwise gathering momentum, and the GOP's elected leadership need to respond decisively, as do Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, John Thune and Sarah Palin – the four Republicans most likely to seek the party's nomination in 2012 and to have a shot of gaining it.

Plus, social conservatives aren't happy either. See, "
Tony Perkins Urges Conservatives to Stop Giving Money to RNC" (via Memeorandum).


Norm said...

It's really irritating. We won big here in Nassau County, NY last Nov. We won back the County Executive and the Comptroller. Local candidates got zip from the county GOP. With a few more dollars we could have won some elections we lost. There are plenty of good workers out here to replace these idiots.

Grizzly Mama said...

They did WHAT?!

AmPowerBlog said...

Keep doin' it, Norm. The national party is a disgrace.

Dennis said...

One of the many reasons that when I left the Democrat party that I became an Independent. I do not much like either party though the democrats are far more dangerous to freedom, liberty and survival as a nation.
Sometimes the Republican party seems to be democrat LITE with almost all of the things I cannot stand about today's politician or party.
The Republicans would lead us to slavery only at a much slower pace. If they get back to founding principles I might give them a look, but I do not see it happening. Scratch a politician and you find someone desirous of power over others. The only difference is degree.