Friday, March 19, 2010

More Desperation: Leftists Exploit Parkinson's Patients for ObamaCare!

Digby props up the Parkinson's plant from last weekend's duel protests at Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy's office. See, "More Sickening Behavior" (via Memeorandum).

For added effect, Digby posts the new video from "Bob," our Parkinson's plant
covered earlier. The man's full name is Robert A. Letcher, and he's got a write-up at Columbus Dispatch, "Parkinson's Patient Gains National Attention from Health-Care Rally Confrontation." There's some inconvenient truth here for the leftists, since Letcher's healthcare is funded:
Letcher, a Steubenville native, said he has helped design nuclear-power plants, worked as a community organizer and taught at the college level. He has been politically active most of his adult life, usually on the "progressive-leftist" side.

He went on disability five years ago. Letcher is insured through the tax-funded Medicaid program but wants others to have health insurance, too.
It's too bad that Professor Letcher's ill-informed on health policy. His home state of Ohio has one of the most extensive system of health clinics in the country (now helping fund his coverage) and the state has a universal health initiative that will provide insurance for all citizens by 2011. Folks aren't being denied coverage in Ohio. In fact, folks like Bob will be better off under their existing state and federal programs, for once ObamaCare kicks in he'll be a prime candidate for the death panels. No matter. Leftists don't care about patients. They care about totalitarian power.

Bob's a "progressive," of course, like Digby and her socialist allies, which means he can't think for himself. He's got to line up behind the crypto-Marxists now taking over the country. Indeed, even Representative Kilroy's exploiting old Bob to help ram down this unpopular monstrosity. And it's no wonder: She'll need all the sob stories she can get, considering this kind of opposition in her district:

BONUS: From Right Ohio, "OH-15: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Also, Mary Jo Kilroy Defended an IRA Domestic Terrorist."


John said...

Sorry to say but our constituents made fools of themselves. Even if Bob was a plant, humility would go a long way rather than denial. Plus- whether he was "real" or a plant, that doesn't excuse the way we treated him. Let's get those nasty men who did this a chance to apologize. Let's be the bigger person.