Friday, March 26, 2010

ANSWER L.A. March 20 2010: 'F**K ZIONISM!!'

More pictures from the March 20 ANSWER protest - the Democratic-left in action:

Take a close look here. Behind our hippie anti-Semitic Casbah revolutionary wannabe (stoned off his ass), you can see the "FUCK ZIONISM" sign at left:


Here's the dude's kid, passing hatred and intolerance from generation to generation:


Ringo's Pictures has more on the Jew-hatred. As for this guy and his family, "It was a mixed breed, hippie / Jew-hater, moonbat family - a mother, a father and two young moonbats all shrouded in a cloud of cannabis smoke!". See "The Annual March of the Moonbats - March 20, 2010."

I'll post more of my own stuff later, but meanwhile, I snapped these shots as I made my way up Hollywood Boulevard during the march. With President
"O-Bomba" in office, Bush Derangement Syndrome is still the rage:



Click here for the link my earlier photo-essay.

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science fiction writer said...

Hmm... Does this mob consider al-Qaeda's war on America and the West to be a war against children? It would be apropos since so many children are killed by Islamists. These suiciders consider anyone a target.

PatriotUSA said...

Do these troll have nothing
better to do? What a pathetic
bunch of losers and asshats.

Indeded, Rick. Total denial
and ignorance about Islam
and shariah law. They will
kill anyone, anywhere,