Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BREAKING! MoveOn to 'Condemn the Hate' Outside RNC Headquarters Thursday

From NewsReal, "MoveOn Plans Hate-In Outside RNC Headquarters Tomorrow":


The Democrat-media complex has been pushing the idea that patriotic nonviolent resistance and opposition to ObamaCare and President Obama’s drive to turn America into a full-blown socialist state somehow constitutes “hate.”

Leftists keep trying to invent new incidents supposedly showing how their political adversaries in the Tea Party movement are sinister racists.

They claim –in the absence of proof– that black Democratic lawmakers were called the N-word as they walked to the U.S. Capitol building to vote on ObamaCare. They claim –in the absence of proof– that an anti-gay epithet was hurled at Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), an openly gay lawmaker.

It is an indisputable fact that the violence America is beginning to see is almost exclusively on the left, whether it’s a deranged registered Democrat flying his plane into a federal building in Austin, Texas, or a progressive coward calling in a death threat against a Republican lawmaker.

It is all part of the left’s push to delegitimize opposition to the socialist takeover of America. If you oppose the murder-in-progress of the American republic you are smeared as a redneck, teabagging, racist obstacle to progress — and you deserve what’s coming to you.

So it’s not surprising that the street theater specialists at are planning to host a propaganda event tomorrow intended to reinforce this false notion that Constitution-loving pro-limited government enthusiasts are eeeevil haters.

The leftist thugs at MoveOn plan to hold a rally outside Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C. to urge the Republican Party to distance itself from the alleged “hate” caused by the passage of ObamaCare.

Of course, the left, and in particular the George Soros-led character assassins at Media Matters for America (I mean you, Jamison Foser, Eric Boehlert, and Terry Krepel) are largely responsible for the civil unrest that is growing across America. Anyone who supported ObamaCare is responsible for the tide of discontent that now threatens to tear the nation apart.

And take notice, MoveOn, Jamison, Eric, and Terry, that the American people will not silenced.

Here’s the call-to-arms email MoveOn just sent out ...
Follow the link for the letter.


richard mcenroe said...

Let Michael Steele know, so he can start working on his sellout apology now. It probably has something to do with racism.

AmPowerBlog said...

You're funny, Richard!

science fiction writer said...

History, current and past, reveals that the left in the most hate driven and violent mass that ever existed.