Friday, March 19, 2010

Code Red Rally March 20th Washington, D.C. - Kill the ObamaCare Monstrosity!

From Bosch Fawstin, "DEMON PASS":

Also, at American Grassroots Coalition, "Press Release ~ CODE RED Rally March 20th Washington, D.C.":
WASHINGTON, DC (March 18, 2010) – The past two weeks has seen the “Take The Town Halls To Washington” initiative get nearly 1,000 people to DC to meet with approximately 30 Congressman. The event culminated in the rally at Taft Park near the Capitol which was sponsored by Tea Party Express. Over 1,500 people assembled to rally against the healthcare bill and then meet with their representatives. While the Capitol Police diverted the stage and sound for the park rally, grass roots activists innovated and used a park bench and bull horn to get their message to the attendees!

With the critical nature of a looming Congressional decision, a broad coalition of Tea Party organizations and leadership is launching the final push before a possible vote by the House. These events are being coordinated across the US and are aimed at communicating the frustration of the people while demanding the termination of this health bill legislation. While the DNC and the administration continue to obfuscate and confuse, this coalition is focused on getting activists involved prior to Pelosi’s maneuvering.
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