Friday, March 26, 2010

Raping Lady Liberty -- UPDATED!!

Check my response to Lawyers, Gays and Marriage, "Scott Eric Kaufman, Self-Hating Skankwad, Does It Again!"


This cartoon's from No Sheeples Here! But speaking of Lady Liberty cartoons, it turns out there's a new left-wing nihilist insurgency against Darleen Click and Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom. The relevant posts are here, here, and here (the latter via Memeorandum).


But what really moved me to write is Goldstein's deliciously devasating slam on SEK:
Scott is a cartoon, a hack; a clearly clueless and remarkably dishonest bracketing brackety bracketer who stands on the sidelines cheering while Lady Liberty takes it in the cornhole. This pretentious character is a lying cock, a fucking pussy, and a fucking retarded scrotumless fuck wearing a hot-pink thong, or maybe white lace boyshorts, and he would not stop a rape in progress, but would instead go home and be so turned-on he’d write a paper about it. Effete attention whores like Scott Eric Robespierre are routinely beat up by bread and, like all leftist twatwaffles lusting for power, he is a haughty apparatchik with a lisp and a pedo beard who couldn’t find cool were he to stumble pantless into a caribou orgy. He roots for the Mets and is truly a prick.
Scott Erik Kaufman's a prick, plain and simple. Jeff Goldstein's more colorful about it than I am, which makes it all the more juicy.


Anonymous said...

I guess that quote, and your admiration for it, says everything that needs to be said about the utter depravity of modern "conservatism".

I can't even get all schadenfreudy about all this - I just feel sorry for you people. Time to go tend your gardens...

timb said...

What the hell does it even mean, Don? It's a word salad of profanity. It does, however, say a lot about you