Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey, What's Wrong With A Little Socialism?

Via Founding Bloggers:

And at Red State, "Healthcare Reform - The Bridge to Socialism."


Anonymous said...

This is the problem those of us who love this country face. What's wrong with a little socialism? Show me one place where it has been sucessful. I sometimes wish we could just sit back and let these idiots have what they want and let them see what is wrong first hand. Then I remember that my children will have to endure suffering to prove the point and I return to fighting it once again.

Skye said...

For the record the United States maintained slaves for the first 90 years our existence as a nation, and shed blood to free them.

How dare that woman who never experienced slavery in her lifetime, dismiss the attempted genocide of Jews by hitler's administration. What an ignorant biatch.