Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health-Care Debacle in the House

At WSJ, "March Madness: Scenes From a Devolution as Democrats Writhe Toward 216 Votes":

Has there ever been a political spectacle like the final throes of ObamaCare? We can't recall one outside of a banana republic, or, more accurately, Woody Allen's 1971 classic "Bananas." Capitol Hill resembles nothing so much as that movie's farcical coup d'etat in San Marcos as Democrats try to assemble the partisan minimum of 216 House votes—if only for an hour or so at some point on Sunday—and no bribe is too costly, no deal too cynical, no last-minute rewrite too blatant ....

Even the political panic over the 2008 Troubled Asset Relief Program, amid an incipient financial collapse and a Presidential election, looks like regular order compared to this ObamaCare mayhem. That the White House and Mrs. Pelosi are still running into such resistance after a year of pleading reveals what an historic blunder ObamaCare really is.

This is what happens when a willful President and his party try to govern America from the ideological left, imposing a reckless expansion of the entitlement state that most Americans, and even dozens of Democrats in Congress, clearly despise.
See also, Janice Shaw Crouse, "ObamaCare is Tyranny, Not Legislation."

Image Credit: Americans for Prosperity, "Democracy Denied: The Obama Chart," c/o The Other McCain, "
The Bigger Picture" and Washington Rebel, "Commissariat of the Elite."