Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scenes from the Showdown: The Other McCain Reports!

It takes patriots to get the message right, from Robert Stacy McCain, "Tea Party With Sarah Palin: Scenes from the Showdown in Searchlight, Nevada" (the full image is here):


See also, RSM, "Tea Party Express III: Fear and Loathing — and Ann Coulter! — in Las Vegas."

Plus, related news at
Instapundit, especially, from Rasmussen, "Most Say Tea Party Has Better Understanding of Issues than Congress." And also Memeorandum.


Anonymous said... THIS IS A MUST READ!!!

Dave said...

Love the T-shirt!


heydave said...

No, you're still a teabaggin' asshole.

Anonymous said...

is the shirt in reference to barney frank's sexuality? if so, how is that even close to relevant to the situation of health care? why is that even brought up? can we call michelle bachman (sorry on the possible misspelling) or sarah palin teabaggers?