Friday, March 19, 2010

The Deem-o-Crats

From Michelle, "The Deem-o-crats’ Towering Deception":

If you cannot trust government’s numbers, you cannot trust government’s words. This is the lesson of the House Democrats’ desperate promotion of a phony-baloney, Congressional Budget Office analysis of their latest health care takeover package.

Democrat leaders leaked a solid-seeming price tag figure — $940 billion over 10 years – before the CBO released any official comment or report. Liberal blogs and mainstream news wires started parroting Democrat claims that their plan “would cut the deficit by $130 billion over the next decade, and $1.2 trillion in the second decade of the plan’s implementation” – again, before the CBO had released an iota of information. And hours before the House Rules Committee posted the long-awaited reconciliation bill.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn pronounced himself “giddy” over the supposed CBO scoring. Math-lover House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proclaimed: “I love numbers. They’re so precise.”

But “precise” does not mean “accurate.” And the most “precise” numbers can be utterly worthless. Which is basically what the CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf pointed out in his summary of the unofficial, preliminary analysis of Demcare ....

Mathematical corruption is ideological corruption. The health care battle – and the battle over truth in government accounting – is not just about health care. It’s about the lies and damned lies that will be used to ram through cap-and-trade, illegal alien amnesty, and endless more bailouts. As Pelosi vowed last week, “Kick open that door, and there will be other legislation to follow. We’ll take the country in a new direction.” Yep: Straight to a red-ink-stained hell in a handbasket.
Cartoon Credit: William Warren, at Get Liberty (c/o Don Surber).


Rusty Walker said...

I just read this myself, I am glad you posted it.

The administration is behaving with the audacity of Chicago machine politicians over this Health Care monstrosity. Obama lives in an academic cocoon, surrounded by like-minded idealists. The CBO numbers are based on maneuvers not unlike a shell game. If this goes through, the economic devastation will take place long after Obama is out of office. I hope that we can repeal this. The only real consolation is that the American people may be informed well enough to see the Democrats complete disregard for constitutional processes, and Republicans will win back seats, and eventually the presidency, to reset our domestic and foreign policies to regain economic and international American power.

Tapline said...

This whole power grab is beyond reproach..I say taxation without representation and the people are being disguarded and made a number by this administration. No more individual that gone with this law...the government has full access to you and what ever you have. It scares the he.. out of me.....stay well...