Friday, March 26, 2010

Barack Obama's Humiliation of Israel

Via William Jacobson, here's Nile Gardiner, "Barack Obama's Humiliation of Israel is a Disgrace":

Israel is literally fighting for its survival on a daily basis against an array of vicious terrorist groups, from Hamas to Hizbollah, while facing a looming threat from a genocidal, nuclear-armed Iran. President Obama’s top priority in the Middle East should be preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapons programme. Instead he seems obsessed with kowtowing to America’s enemies by bashing Israel at almost every opportunity.

This is a foreign policy doctrine that is both destructive and fundamentally against the US national interest. The future security of the United States rests not upon the degree to which it can appease her enemies, but upon the strength of her enduring alliances with the rest of the free world. Israel needs Washington’s support and vice versa, not a slap in the face from a president whose idea of world leadership seems to consist largely of apologising for his country while throwing America’s friends to the wolves.
See also, Meryl Yourish, "Obama’s Full-Court Press on Israel."


Norm said...

Israel is the line. The thin line. If the Muslims should ever militarily defeat Israel the consequence will change everyone's life. For everyone, including you Israel haters.

Today, hundreds of million Muslims are fence sitters. They can live with peace or war. A military defeat of Israel will knock them off the fence to the radical side desiring a world wide Muslim caliphate. Europe will be Muslim under Sharia law in a few years, and the rest of the world will be under attack.

Obama is giving the Muslim world hope that if there should be a new war with Israel, America will not resupply Israel. Therefore, the next war becomes more and more likely everyday.

Obama is the enemy of the Western World.

Dave said...

By his deplorable conduct concerning Mr. Netanyahu, I think the Islamic commie in the White House just came out of the closet and exposed himself for what he really is.

I always knew he would eventually, but I didn't expect it quite this soon.

I expect a move by the Israelis against the Iranian nuke facilities to come at any time.

When that move happens, there has been speculation on the part of a few that Obama will order the American military to turn the Israelis back, or even shoot them down.

When I first heard this unconscionable act suggested, I thought it was just wild theorizing, and way too "out there" to be believed.

Now I'm not sure just how "out there" this theory is, but it isn't as far out as it once seemed.

I honestly have to wonder if Israel gets into a major conflict with it's Islamic enemies, just which side will Obama be on?

If I were the Israelis, I wouldn't count on it being theirs.