Wednesday, March 24, 2010

International ANSWER - San Francisco Protest - March 20, 2010

Zombie's posted his report from the San Francisco March 20 protest, "San Francisco "Anti-War" Rally: The New Communist/Truth/Jihad Alliance":


The glory days of the 21st-century anti-war movement were in 2003 and 2004, when tens of thousands of naive "average Americans" would show up at each anti-war event. Then, as I documented extensively over the years at zombietime, far-left and extremist groups quickly seized control of the movement and tried to lead the middle-of-the-road protesters leftward politically. But as the radicalism escalated with each successive protest, the sane people all stopped coming, the rallies started getting smaller and smaller, and from 2004 onward it's been a continuous downward slide.

Now we've reached rock bottom. Only a couple thousand people showed up for this year's protest, all of whom were hardcore radicals. Gone are the naive hangers-on, or anyone in the central 98% of the political spectrum. All that's left of the anti-war movement are the revolutionaries, the diehards and the crazies.
That's ANSWER's Richard Becker above, with black cap and microphone. As noted here last November, Becker's the author of Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire, an extremely bitter communist-revolutionary tract calling for the destruction of Israel. Recall as well my essay at Frontpage Magazine, "When Defeat is the Answer."

Zombie counts 13 different communist groups showing up last Saturday in San Francisco. What's most interesting, and something I've noted in my previous coverage, is the intense Israel-bashing and anti-Semitism. From


As always at these leftist rallies, Israel was singled out for the protesters' irrational fury. The Israel-haters have now settled on a consistent narrative: Israel is committing genocide and a new Holocaust against Palestinians.

Needless to say, the accusation is completely baseless, an outrageous lie.
Check the whole thing.

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Matt said...

Not to make light of this...

but for a very brief moment when I saw in the photo the banner that says "Occupation Is A Crime" in SanFrancisco of all places, I thought for a moment that Obama supporters were bashing people who have jobs!