Sunday, March 23, 2008

America Remains a Majority Christian Nation

Via Chatterbox Chronicles, check out this YouTube showing clips from "The Passion of the Christ" with a soundrack from Jeremy Camp's song "This Man":

Also, on this Easter, note the results of Gallup's new poll showing a strong majority of Americans identifying as Christian:

Easter is a Christian celebration, and a review of Gallup polling continues to reveal a nation that remains strongly Christian in its religious orientation.

Gallup data show that 79% of Americans currently identify as Christian -- either Protestant, Roman Catholic, or some other Christian religion.

Given that about 14% of Americans in Gallup's surveys either say they have no religion or refuse to answer, the proportion of Americans who identify themselves with a particular Christian religion rises to about 92%.
The poll also indicates that nearly two-thirds of Americans planned on attending Easter services this weekend.

This is great news, especially coming as it does when the country's been dragged through a devilishly horrendous round of America-bashing in the images of black liberation from the sermons of Jeremiah Wright.

Here's to wishing all of my readers a peacefully wonderful Easter holiday.