Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama Will Address Nation Tomorrow

Barack Obama plans to deliver a nationwide address tomorrow on the religious and racial controversies surrounding his campaign, the Politico reports.

I imagine voices like Gateway Pundit and Powerline have had a major impact on developments in the story.

In contrast,
as Gateway points out, left-wing blogs such as the Huffington Post are pumping up Obama's Wright controversy as "speaking truth to power." Here's this, from HuffPo:
There has been quite a furry over the past week concerning some admittedly controversial statements made by Senator Obama's pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Yet, if we look at Rev. Wright's statements in full context, they are nothing more than a man speaking truth to power. Rather than acknowledge the truth about the dark past of America, and in some instances the present, we are quick to charge anyone who removes the veil of our history, as being racist and/or anti-American.

One of the primary comments criticized by the media is that Senator Obama knows what it means to be a black man in an America controlled by rich, white people. Does the malfeasance lie in the fact that Senator Obama grew up as a black man in America or that America is controlled by rich, white people? Certainly it cannot be the former. It is irrefutable that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are rich, white men in control of economic, social and political policy in America. The question then becomes, is it racist or anti-American to say that America is controlled by rich, white people or is this a truth spoken to power?

Another comment which is more shocking than anything else is Rev. Wright's announcement that Senator Clinton can never know what it means to be a black man in America, and, she has never been called the "n" word. Yet, whether we are speaking of Hillary Clinton or any other white person of privilege in this nation, the fact remains they can never know what it has meant, or what it means, to be a black man in America. Neither can they know how deeply hurtful it is to be called the "n" word or worse yet to be treated as a member of the "n" class. Unfortunately, as progressive as we would like to consider ourselves, racism is alive and well in our society. We have made strives but we still have a long road ahead.
I guess only the most hardened left-wing commentator, at precisely the same time that the Illinois Senator's won more primaries than any black candidate in history, could say "racism is alive and well" in our society.

Most Americans would have a problem with that. For example,
Rasmussen reports that an overwhelming majority repudiates Wright's racist and hate-filled views.

"Truth to power" is code language for the revolutionary classes who seek to tear down any vestiges of "white power" that remain, no matter that the same reviled white power structure over the last 50 years has pushed the United States to live out the true meaning of its creed. Progress has come, with great difficulty, of course, but Martin Luther King would never endorse Jeremiah Wright's sermons if he were alive today.

TBogg at FireDogLake does, however.


Why is it that people at HuffPo, Firedoglake, and all the other Kos-like wannabes, defend Wright's language as truth to power?

Simply because the United States, to advocates of hate ideology, is irredeemably evil - a fundamentally racist and imperialist regime, run by corporate elites for the benefits of the narrow, narrow capitalist oligarchy. Only the revolutionary overthrow of the regime will replace this alleged constitution of violence. Speeches like Wright feed this nihilism, which is never denounced by radical partisans, only embraced. Unfortunatelty, the revolution's been tried, again and again throughout history, with results ending in humanitarian disasters of enormous scale.

Obama, for all his mistakes, is obviously sharp enough to know that Wright's views are disastrously out of touch with the reality of life in the U.S. today.

The question is how far Obama will go in condeming Wright's hatred.