Sunday, March 16, 2008

Juan Williams Unloads on Obama

Via Hot Air and Memeorandum, check out this video of Juan Williams taking down Barack Obama:


Right Truth's got an essay that really captures my thinking on Obama's Wright controversy:

How long it will take for the "God Damn America" story to "die down" is anyone's guess. The potential exists for many more "revelations" because the stock of sermons ... is extensive and the news media has only reported on a very limited number.

Yet, while [the controversy] can easily become "yesterday's news" ... this story seems to be very different ... since few people who have seen and heard Rev Wright's "God Damn America" sermon will ever forget.

Logically, this ... should sink Obama's ship. He has so many connections to Wright over a 20 year period, and Wright is the fanatic reverse racist bigot that he is, that there are no good ways open to resolve the problem....

What is astonishing has been the reaction - and non-reaction - of the MSM, with some exception for ABC, and decent coverage on the part of CNN. But otherwise the story has been buried by the Big Press and ignored as much as possible by the TV networks, so far including PBS.
Obama is lying about his relationship to Wright, and the more evidence to that effect that emerges, combined with the explosive nature of black church teachings at Trinity United Church of Christ, and Obama's embrace of them, could damage his campaign irretrievably.

See also my earlier entries, "What Did Obama Know About Wright's Past Sermons?, and "Obama Attended Wright's Hate Sermons."