Thursday, March 27, 2008

Update on the Basra Offensive

Jules Crittenden's got an incisive analysis of the direction of battle in the Mahdi offensive in Iraq, and the media spin on it:

NYT declares the offensive as stalled, but fails to provide anything to back that up. Sounds more like 30,000 troops are engaged in heavy fighting, and an ultimatum has been issued. NYT fears a repeat of the 2004 Najaf fight. Me too, though not for the same reason. NYT fears a fight that would make it difficult to send home U.S. troops and usher in a new period of violence. I fear a fight that ends prematurely, leaving the Mahdi Army intact and Sadr claiming a new victory.
See also, Gateway Pundit, "It's Just Another Day of the MSM Hanging Out With the Enemy."