Monday, March 17, 2008

Calling All Bloggers: Obama's "Full Assault" on Hillary

Peter Daou, Hillary Clinton's internet director, and the founder of " The Blog Report," has a call out for bloggers to challenge Barack Obama's "full assault" on Hillary's character.

Taylor Marsh, who's published a copy of the Daou's original e-mail, suggests that "this is a first."
Check it out:

Peter Daou is Clinton's Internet director. I just found out that he has sent out an email to a group of bloggers with a challenge: "I challenge my online friends to call this "full assault" on Hillary's character for what it is."

I got a copy of the email he sent out so I'm going to post it in its entirety. The subject title reads as follows: Barack Obama's "Full Assault" On Hillary Clinton. The email text is below:

I'm writing this to a group of bloggers. Some of you are Hillary supporters, some not, some neutral.

I want to address a pervasive misconception, namely, that Senator Obama hasn't run a negative campaign against Hillary. I think it's time to put that misconception to rest.

The truth is that for months, the Obama campaign has been attacking Hillary, impugning her character and calling into question her lifetime of public service. And now the Chicago Tribune reports that Senator Obama is preparing a "full assault" on her "over ethics and transparency." To those who contend that Senator Obama is the clear frontrunner, I ask, to what end this "full assault" on Hillary?

On CNN last Tuesday, Senator Obama said, "Well, look, Wolf, I think if you watch how we have conducted our campaign, we've been very measured in terms of how we talk about Senator Clinton. ... I have been careful to say, that I think that Senator Clinton is a capable person and that should she win the nomination, obviously, I would support her. You know, I'm not sure that we have been getting that same approach from the Clinton campaign."

The facts of this election stand in stark contrast to that statement. Senator Obama and his senior campaign officials have engaged in a systematic effort to question Hillary's integrity, credibility, and character. They have portrayed her as someone who would put her personal gain ahead of the lives of our troops, someone who would say or do anything to win an election, someone who is dishonest, divisive and disingenuous. They have adopted shop-worn anti-Clinton talking points, dusted them off and unleashed a torrent of unfounded character attacks against her. Among other things, they have described Hillary - and her campaign - as:


"Too polarizing to win"





"Saying and doing whatever it takes to win"

"Attempting to deceive the American people"

"One of the most secretive politicians in America"

"Literally willing to do anything to win"

"Playing politics with war"

To top it off, they have blanketed big states with false radio ads and negative mailers -- ads and mailers that experts have debunked time and time again. They have distributed health care brochures using Republican framing. They have tried to draw a nexus between Hillary's votes and the death of her friend Benazir Bhutto. And one of Senator Obama's top advisers (who has since left the campaign) recently called Hillary "a monster."
Read the whole thing.

I love the bibliography!

But I love even more the fact that Daou's call transcends the Clinton-backing left-blogosphere. Here's a chance for left and right to work in common cause to defeat Obama's unprincipled, unpatriotic, and hate-embracing campaign.

I noted in my post last night ("
Juan Williams Unloads on Obama") that the Wright controversy could fade in MSM coverage, although I'm seem more replays of the "GOD DAMN AMERICA" sermon on CNN's "American Morning" right now.

Maybe some bipartisan internet cooperation repudiating this "full assault" on Clinton will help keep media attention on Obama's audacity of hatred.