Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barack Obama is Person of the Year 2008

Barack Obama is Time's Person of the Year.

I don't normally pay attention to Time's annual accolade, but it's impossible to deny: If there was ever a person of the year for 2008, it's indeed "The One." In my twenty-five years of studying politics, I've never seen a personality cult like this. Here's a bit from Time's "
Why We Chose Obama":

Out of Many Obama

David Von Drehle's masterly story on our Person of the Year not only sketches out what's on Obama's mind but also reveals new details about how and when he realized that his first 100 days had to start on Nov. 5, the day after voters elected him to become the 44th President of the United States and the first African American to hold the office. Von Drehle also tells us — with Obama's help — how we should hold the new President accountable. Beyond his mastery of the issues, Obama revealed a more personal note: a slightly rueful sense that the world was tightening around him, that he would no longer be able to take a walk or shop for groceries. He seemed to be girding himself for the loss of being simply a regular citizen [emphasis added].
It seems like an incredible concept, but just the assumption that a new administration takes over the day after the election is utterly mind-boggling.

It's bad enough the we now have an America where a millions of people look to our new president as a "Lightworker," but on top of that, Barack Obama appears to believe it of himself.

This is going to be a long four years.

Photo Credit: Anne Savage, "
Dare to Hope: Faces from 2008 Obama Rallies":

Everytime I photographed a Barack Obama rally the size and diversity of the crowds moved and amazed me. I spoke to so many people who all spoke of unity and inclusion. Barack Obama said at his acceptance speech, "This election has never been about me. It's been about you." His message has inspired so many to be involved and to dare to hope.

These are their faces. This is their voice.
More photos at "Barack Obama on Flickr."

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Old Rebel said...

Yes, it will be "a long four years," but only because it will be an extension of the previous eight, in which the Federal government assumed vast powers to monitor and control its citizens, and to project its power at home and abroad in the name of a global democratic revolution.

And let's not forget that the cult of the presidency reached outlandish heights in the months following W the Conqueror's invasion of Iraq. Obama the Enlightened will only build on what W has started.

God help us.

The Griper said...

hate to admit it but have to agree with the pick. this is one of those rare times that i'd have to say that he is one that has accomplished the impossible.

and by doing this he may have just set himself up for a big fall. his followers will expect miracles from him now.

patrickmarren said...

If Obama has had to assume unwanted presidential duties since Nov. 4, it's only because we don't have anything resembling a president now. And as for his supporters expecting miracles, I've heard this a lot, but ONLY from desperate, disconsolate right wingers. Me, I'll just be happy to have a president who appears to have a functioning cerebral cortex surrounded by people who actually seem to be interested in solving problems. I realize by recent Republican standards that qualifies me as a cult member, but you know what? I can live with that, and I think a large majority of Americans can, too. "Lightworker" my royal Irish derriere. "Worker" would be a nice change of pace.

Norm said...

Russia just can't wait until Obama is inaugurated and continues its rapid spread of military power as a direct challenge to the Office of the President-Elect. Today Russia donated 10 Mig-29s to Lebanon with further offers to sell/donate heavy tanks and other systems. This is to strengthen the Lebanonese military and show Syria that Lebanon is an independent country. We are certainly on notice that any withdrawal of American power from the Middle East will be met by an expansion of Russian military power. What we will think of Obama a year from now is the more interesting question.

In a related event (?), a bill was introduced into the Russian Duma by Putin's cabinet to redefine the word "traitor" to anything Putin wants it to be. Russians just cannot hold onto their freedom.

Rita Loca said...

The higher the people allow their misplaced hopes and dreams to soar, the harder they are going to fall. And it wont be pretty...

EDGE said...

Wasn't Putin time's Man of the Year in 2007?

AmPowerBlog said...

Edge: Should have been Petraeus.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...
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