Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Planned Parenthood's Abortion Extremism

From St. Blogustine, here's the video clip of a Planned Parenthood staffer covering-up of the statutory rape of a thirteen year-old girl in favor of aborting her child:

The above video is the latest example of Planned Parenthood's continued illegal activity, this time in Indiana, in which a 13 year old girl reports being impregnated by her 31 year old boyfriend to the Planned Parenthood nurse, who tells her to keep quiet about it or lie about his age. Apparently, killing her child in her womb is more imperative than prosecuting the 31 year old boyfriend for statutory rape and/or child abuse[emphasis added].


Anonymous said...

When I was 19, I went to a "clinic" to have a pregnancy test.
I noticed a young teen in there with her Mom, and she had a brown bag lunch with her.
Sometime while I waited, I heard a receptionist telling a person on the phone to bring a lunch, for after the procedure, and I realized it was an abortion clinic.
The nurse came and brought me to an examination room for my results.
I was pregnant.
They urged me to have an abortion.
Two nurses and a doctor trapped me in that room for over 15 minutes, and tried to convince me to have one.
I told them I was Catholic.
I told them I didn't believe in abortion.
I told them I loved the father of the baby.
And I told him he and I would work things out, whether we married, raised the child unmarried, or gave the child up for adoption.
They still insisted I was ruining my life, and tried to brow beat me into doing it, that day.
I had to force my way out of that room and ran crying from the building.
I had that baby, and married her father. And together we had three more babies over the years. Now I have 4 beautiful grown children, and 5 even more beautiful grandchildren.
I am very happy I did not allow them to bully me that day.
But my story nowhere compares to this travesty. I am sickened by what this woman did to that child, and hope that she is prosecuted. And that clinic should be shut down.

The Griper said...

guess that is their idea of the meaning of choice, huh? just love how they define words to fit their agenda.