Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gay Pestilence Should Be Destroyed?

I've probably written two dozens essays on same-sex marriage since the November 4th election. As readers know, the key issue in the debate over gay marriage is the preservation of traditional values, with marriage defined as the intitutionalized union of one man and one woman for the central purpose of procreation and regeneration of society (even couples who do not and cannot have children are still united in an institution that has its social construction in the biological union of man and woman - bearing children is not something same-sex couples can do).

Particularly bothersome, as we have seen, has been the anti-democratic backlash against the initiative by radical gay activists, which has incuding blacklists and intimidation so vile that even mainstream supporters of same-sex marriage rights have recoiled in disgust.

Gay rights activists have attacked supporters of Proposition 8 as "
bigots," "Christianists," and "haters."

In my writing on this I have seen conservatives make principled arguments based on superior facts and logic. Indeed, those on the No on H8 side can't seem to make up their minds: Is gay marraige a civil institution? Or, is it a religious institution after all? Since there's no firmly established case for gay marriage other than the spurious claim to "equal rights" for homosexual behavior, gays have had to threaten and browbeat conservatives who have exercized their basic rights to influence policy through the electoral process. As I've noted, in "The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage," the hegemonic anti-democratic element is likely to create a backlash to the gay agenda, and could even cause a decline of popular support for existing and legitimate protections, such as same-sex adoptions.

That said, it's disturbing to find some bloggers on the right who not only confirm the left's stereotypes of right-wing knuckledragging bigots, but that these same extremist faux conservatives give the movement to protect traditional institutions a bad name.

BushwacKKK at
American and Proud provides a good example, with his post on the "call in gay" sickout, "Faggots Called in Sick, Straight Only Work Day Went Well":

So now maybe we should call in straight? Across the nation, every heterosexual person in America call in sick, then all the faggots can run around shaking their hands and prancing on their tip toes screaming “Oh my Gosh”…

Personally, if I was a business owner, (other than a damn starbucks or showtune radio station) I’d fire the pipe smokers tomorrow morning. This would be called “Fire a GAY DAY” or better yet “Pink slips for the PINK FLIPS” Either way, there would be some more unemployed faggots that can protest all over the state, all day everyday.

The only thing this accomplished was to show those of us that voted FOR PROP 8 that we did the right thing.. Bunch of fucking queers, They should be banished to a damn Island somewhere and used for target practice ...
BushwacKKK is a member of Basti's Butchers blog-ring of hate, and he's best buddies with Texas Fred and his racist Anti-Wetback Coalition. These scumbags are beneath dirt, and apparently they glorify in their bigotry and hatred. Jenn at Screw Liberals sponsors the hate, seen here for example:

Dear Faggots: The world DID NOT end because you stayed home baking brownies and puffing peckers, it didn't even slow down...

Stay home more often, maybe you'll ALL aquire AIDS sooner, thus ridding the rest of us of your perversion!

Yes libtards, I am a REDNECK, not a homophobe, phobe indicates phobia, fear of, and I am not afraid of queers, I just believe them to be a pestilence that should be destoryed [sic]... Sicks bastards!
These views are fascist, not conservative, and BushwacKKK's ring of hate makes the job of conserving traditional values all the more difficult for the rest of us who fight the good fight, with honor and respect.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...
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AmPowerBlog said...

Hi Grace: Yes, those comments from BushwacKKK and his ring of hate are beyond the pale.

Personally, I don't oppose gay adoption, although all the statistics on gay promiscuity might change my opinion.


JBW said...

Don, kudos to you for taking a progressive stance on gay adoption.

Grace, the majority of the information in your citations was gathered before the AIDS epidemic of the 1980's and the latest of them is over a decade and a half old. I don't know where you cut and pasted this information from but you should find some more recent numbers if you expect to be taken seriously on this topic.

AmPowerBlog said...

JBW: I don't oppose civil rights for gay Americans. I just don't consider gay marriage a civil right.

JBW said...

Don, I never said that you do; but I do myself consider the right to marry a civil one. Again, we disagree civilly.

AmPowerBlog said...

JBW: We can disagree, thanks.

Righty64 said...

To be honest Donald, I have never heard of any of these blog and bloggers. I am glad that I had not until now. It is dispiriting that there are these people who claim to be on "our" side. I will be blunt. We do not need them. It sounds like they are one step behind the "Rev." Fred Phelps, bigot par excelance! People like those of us that voted for Prop 8 and do have a legitimate concern about same-sex marriage are no where in this territory. These are not conservatives or traditionalists but outright bigots. Again, I am sorry that these people claim to be aligned with us. You are so right that they bring shame onto our side.

AmPowerBlog said...

Great comments, Righty!

No, these folks aren't on our side, but they strangely give conservatives a bad name. That's why I resist these idiots, to be on record against attacks against those of us who protect traditional values on principle, not bigotry.