Monday, December 22, 2008

Jules Crittenden: The Wisdom of Our Forefathers

Jules Crittenden provides a straight-up defense of Bush-era American government and foreign policy, in response to another round of Andrew Sullivan's hysterical ravings:

In the United States I’ve been living in, the president very politely sought and received authorization from Congress to run this nation’s wars; asked for and received billions of dollars in multiple appropriations from Congress to finance this nation’s wars; consulted Congress on interrogation techniques and had Democrats urging him not to pussyfoot around; and when the going got tough and popular opinion wavered, stood alone as a strong executive, pushing forward to fight and win while the legislative branch dithered, wrung its hands, and did what legislative branches and weak executives do, which is cater to popular whims, ineffectively. Thank God for the wisdom of our forefathers and a Constitution that has allowed us to survive so many assaults from so many enemies, foreign and domestic, and remain free for more than two centuries.
Check the link for the Sullivan takedowns.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

With all due respect to Jules, I don't believe we withstood the November 4, 2008 assault on our freedom.

I'm quite concerned we're getting a man in the White House who will be presumed innocent after proven guilty... even in a court of law.
Truth, justice, and liberty are inexorably linked. Truth, justice, and liberty were robbed, stolen, and killed November 4, 2008 in what has been termed by the left as a "bloodless revolution". In this revolution, the blood comes later... I'm thinking.

The left has found their Mugabe on Obama. Here's a lil BBC news item:
"BBC NEWS | Africa | Mugabe insists 'Zimbabwe is mine' Dec 19, 2008 ... President Robert Mugabe says "Zimbabwe is mine" and rejects calls from African and Western leaders to step down. "

Donald, the man "took office" by creating the "Office of President-elect" and got himself named the most powerful person in the world. Ummmmm... He wanted Blair House "early". He targeted 5 year olds during his campaign. Why?? Because he doesn't plan on leaving office. He's propagandizing the "Obama youth". ROFLOL (I have to laugh.)

"TERMS OF ENDEARMENT by Stephen Moore......Chalk up another boilerplate liberal position for Barack Obama on a major congressional reform issue: term limits. Asked about whether he supports term limits last week, the Illinois Senator was unequivocal: "I'm generally not in favor of term limits. Nobody is term-limiting the lobbyists or the slick operators walking around the halls of Congress. I believe in one form of term limits. They're called elections."

The USA is about to inaugurate a dictator - a Mugabe who thinks the USA and the WORLD... are "his".

This is a man who campaigned for Odinga. The handwriting is on the wall. He's moving to seduce the American people into totalitarian socialist dictatorship. He's moving... and he's not going to stop. Much of America accepted a Marxist socialist thinking he'd govern "center right". He's going for the gold ring... and the gold crown... and all the gold.

That's... Obama: Mugabe. Sad to say. That's his character. He thinks he's God. So, you see, he's thinking he'd just be doing the USA and the whole wide world a "favor" from his pov... to become dictator (as is his personal ambition... by nature). He thinks he's his own (God's) gift to the world.

I think the democracy of the USA died on November 4, 2008 in a bloodless revolution. The blood comes later, imo. Obama wants that #1 most powerful person in the world title - for a lifetime.... like Mugabe... with extreme prejudice. That's what I think of the man... Obama... who declares himself to be "the one".

Had we heeded the wisdom of our forefathers, the USA wouldn't have allowed a Socialist to gain a major party nomination in the first place. That's what I'm seeing. I can see his character, I think, and I know his intent, I therefore believe. But I think it will become manifestly clear in the days to come.