Monday, December 29, 2008

World Rallies to Palestinian Cause

The headline at CNN reads "World Rallies Around Palestinians Amid Gaza Offensive," but for all practical purposes it should read, "World Endorses Destruction of the Jewish State."

Protests Against Israel

As I noted this morning, it would not matter how many Israelis were killed before Tel Aviv launched its retaliation. None of it matters to a world community in which the Jewish state will always be branded the aggressor, and where terrorists and murderers are aquitted as "victims." Israel will always be found at fault, simply because it is Israel. It is the only successful democracy in the region. It's free, democratic, and humane. It's women enjoy rights that no neighboring regime grants to their women, including Iraqi Kurdistan. It's moral values are unparalleled, which helps explain why the Jewish state is in danger today. It's introspection is so prounounced as to be debilitating. But Israel is the outpost of Western values in the Middle East. It's existence challenges the reign of barbarism, from Gaza to Southern Lebanon to Tehran. Those who back the Palestinians don't care about proportion. They want destruction of Israel and the decimation of moral right. This is what it's about, readers should have no illusions.

Look at that picture above, via
Fox News. Ehud Olmert is no terrorist (and don't even get me started on the demonization of George W. Bush). To a degree unseen in past Israeli prime ministers, Olmert empathizes with - no, grieves for - the Palestinians. Early this month Olmert defended his administration's vision for Middle East peace, indicating that he was like none those that came before:
Israel is the strongest country in the Middle East. We could contend with any of our enemies or against all of our enemies combined and win. The question that I ask myself is, what happens when we win? First of all, we'd have to pay a painful price.

And after we paid the price, what would we say to them? "Let's talk." And what would the Syrians say to us? "Let's talk about the Golan Heights."

So, I ask: Why enter a war with the Syrians, full of losses and destruction, in order to achieve what might be achieved without paying such a heavy price?

...In the absence of peace, the probability of war is always much greater. A prime minister must ask himself where to best direct his efforts. Are his efforts directed toward making peace or are they directed constantly toward making the country stronger and stronger and stronger in order to win a war?

...What I'm saying here has never been said by a leader of Israel. But the time has come to say these things. The time has come to put them on the table.
And for this he's vilified as a terrorist?

Readers should spend a few minutes with David Keyes' essay at Commentary, "
Sderot Under Siege." I'll leave this passage as a reminder of Israel's tradition of restraint, which has sadly left a bitter wasteland of fear among those within range of Gaza's rockets:

It must be said if General MacArthur or General Patton were in charge, there would be no Qassam problem. The residents of Sderot would sleep like babies—in their own beds. Both Generals would begin with the recognition of Gaza as enemy territory and Hamas as pure evil—unrepentant terrorists who seek the destruction of Western Civilization. Both Generals would occupy Gaza immediately with ground troops and without hesitation. They would pursue total victory and vanquish any semblance of resistance. Both would succeed beyond our wildest expectations. Gaza is an infinitesimally small piece of territory and a rather large joke compared to the mighty Nazi state and once ruthless Japanese army, both of which were defeated and pacified at the hands of MacArthur and Patton. Not a single cent would be spent by either General on absurd plans to shoot down rockets from Gaza . That’s defeatist and passive, they would say, and that’s not how winners act.

The reason why Israelis have not found a solution to the Qassams is simple: they’re Israelis. Jews care about what others think and they’re moral to a fault—a very big fault. But there is nothing moral about the depraved state in which the launching of almost 6,000 rockets can pass without an overwhelming retaliation. There is nothing sane about restraint in the face of a vicious war waged upon you. A bumper sticker on a beat-up maroon-colored car in Sderot reads “A Time to Love.” But this is not a time to love. It is a time to hate; it is a time to war; it is a time to win. In other words, it is a time to be American. If 6,000 rockets were launched at San Diego from Tijuana , rest assured that the residents of Tijuana would have little trouble finding parking because their city would be flattened. There would be no talk of ceasefires. America would wage war, it would win, and the rocket fire would cease.

But defeatism is one of the most prevalent characteristics in Israel today. Ask an average Israeli if it is possible to defeat Hamas and the answer is invariably “No.” No where is this resignation more apparent than the government. In 2005, Ehud Olmert said: “We are tired of fighting, we are tired of being courageous, we are tired of winning, we are tired of defeating our enemies. We want that we will be able to live in an entirely different environment of relations with our enemies." Contrast that with Winston Churchill in 1940: "We shall not flag nor fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France and on the seas and oceans; we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills. We shall never surrender…”

Why have Israelis become so timid? It is in no small part because they have been bombarded for so long by so many enemies. Nearly 10,000 rockets have struck the homeland in the past few years. Put simply, a rocket attack on Israel is no longer the big deal—the supreme violation of decency and act of unspeakable terror—that it once was. Israeli President Shimon Peres exemplified the problem when he blurted out “Qassamim Shmamamim,” the Hebrew equivalent of “Qassams Shmamams.” This is no different than the phenomenon of brushing aside the daily murderous statements of Hamas leaders like Ahmad Bahr, former Speaker of the Parliament, who openly called for the slaughter of Jews “down to the very last one.”
Read the whole thing at the link.

Pamela Geller has more on the global left's reaction to Israel's exercise in self-defense (and self-restraint).


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Donald, you and I and the rest of Americans who support Israel didn't take to the streets and protest. But CNN reports that Muslim nations and a small minority of militant Islamo-fascist protesters represent the view of "the world"?? This is insane. CNN is "beyond the pale". What?? Do they think their propaganda is "reality"?? Are they believing their own lies, now??


Law and Order Teacher said...

I would also submit that Jews are cultural fatalists. Given their history, they are possibly the most used and abused people.

After enduring pogroms of several incarnations, they are fatalistic and accepting of their struggle for survival. I fear they are being worn down by the lack of support from the west.

They are a brave and noble people, but with the rise of global terrorism and the enabling of the global press, Israel is becoming progressively isolated. With the ascendency of BO, they are in even greater peril of losing their one reliable ally. The support of the US has been unwavering under GWB and we can only hope it continues.

I don't think that it's so much that they are peaceniks, but that they are weary.

AmPowerBlog said...

Actually, Grace, so far only the United States has refrained from condemning Israel. As I note at the post, CNN might as well say the world endorses Israel's destruction.

AmPowerBlog said...

You're right, Law and Order Teacher. Let's hope Obama proves us all wrong.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


The world is full of people then who allow thugs to rule. They are going to be destroyed by Islam. Only those of us in the US who stand with Israel will be protected by God in the days to come. That's what I see scripturally, and what you're telling me - causes me to believe it's true. God will bless those who bless Israel. God will curse those who curse Israel. The curse of Islam is coming on the world if they do not stand for Israel. GOD will protect Israel.

We're going to split from this nation... because this nation will turn on Israel,imo. I think the book of Revelation is coming to pass. If not, how could the world be so evil and so influenced by Islam... and not see that Islam will destroy them?? They are so weak.

Great articles, Donald.


AmPowerBlog said...

"God will bless those who bless Israel. God will curse those who curse Israel. The curse of Islam is coming on the world if they do not stand for Israel. GOD will protect Israel."

Thanks for your thoughts, Grace!

Unknown said...

I think the phrase "self-hating Jew" has got to be changed to "self-hating westerner." What is it with our joy at the denunciation of our leaders and allies?

cracker said...

Slow down guys......aint nobody abandoning nobody, geez. but things must play out a certain way ....duh...and its more to do with timing and diplomatic vision and less with "Flyin Spaghetti Monsters and that ilk"

Take a deep breath and realize this.

No action like this can be taken without US approval. Specifically because of nuclear protocals.

So no matter what the White House "SAYS".....("condemn, over response blah blah blah) this attack was approved and will be supported.

Jordan and Egyptian citizens may be kicking and screaming.....but their Governments havent budged. They are allies and again, protocals ellicit agreements from players and neighbors for an action like this.

Everyone is on board

Now, before Barack gets in is the best time to take this action, Not out of any fear of the new Pres, cause BO is on board too.

why? because the goals of rats nest clearing , killin bad guys, can be stealthly handled....and believe it or not, everyone of the allies benefits....Statesman know this, and are happy the IDF is doin the work and footin the bill.

Bush is untouched due to his lame duckness.....Obama untouched cause he aint got the Job yet.

Its efffin genius!

This will be seen as a "RockStar move" in the war on terror.

Relax, take a breathe, dont let CNN or any other "news for profit scams" fool you.

Jack Steiner said...

I included this in a round up of posts about Gaza.

Van Zan said...

Donald said:
"so far only the United States has refrained from condemning Israel"

One exception: Australia has also backed Israel.

Israel Today news report on this can be found at

Others including the UK have condemned both sides.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

Taking to the streets? That's what we all should be prepared to do like the "anti-Israel" protesters/propagandists. Of course something like that is difficult for many as it would be labeled as warmongering; it's not nice screaming for war. Some things need to be gotten out of the way before there can be any forward momentum, unfortunately the very means of removing certain objects is pooh poohed at all costs (realistically or not).

I don't like the idea of the Israelis feeling that they are alone, as they shouldn't feel that way. If this continues I believe they would get more support than we or they would expect. Not from the UN and other usual suspects of course.

As the action has begun it should be continued and finished, perhaps not to the Patton/MacArthur degree (although that would be the most effective means), but enough of the games.

I hate to say it, but I think that once Iran gets its "peaceful nukes" fully operational that they will in some way, shape or form have Israel targeted and struck. At that point folks on the "strip" and other areas had better go underground to cheer. I think we're about to pass the last exit pretty soon. Great post.

Apologies for not visiting very often...the war on reality really gets to me; bad time to sit it out, but my blood pressure just can't take it.

courtneyme109 said...

Like the world rallied to Georgia's cause? Cracker has a great point - Sunni Arab League isn't so hot for non secular, elected movements that suspiciously look like the Hiz'B'Allah model.

So while their ppl watch censored news and freak out, their govs are hoping Little Satan pulls this off fast and is probably giving up intell on HAMAS fan boys, rocket stashes to speed up the blitz.

During the retarded rocket war of 2006, despite cries of 'massacre' and 'disproportionate force' there was no hurry to halt anything til Qana happened.

So far, Little Satan has conducted an incredible humanitarian blitz on HAMAS who is deployed in hoods chock full of innocent civilians, which btw is a war crime.

If anyone REALLY wants to act out in Little Satan's favor then post footage on You Tube of Americans dancing in the streets.

a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

"Like the world rallied to Georgia's cause?" Yeah, like that...

PRH said...

I see where Israel is considering another 'Cease Fire'...why bother? The should not stop until every building and 'resident' in the Gaza is dust.

Hamas has a new friend who will take up residence in the WH on 1/20/09...Israel needs to do something NOW...let's hope they do not waver.