Sunday, December 7, 2008

Militants Strike U.S. Convoy in Pakistan Attack

The Los Angeles Times reports that "suspected" Taliban insurgents destroyed a 150-vehicle supply convoy in Pakistan's northwest region, near Peshawar, early today. The losses were not "militarily significant," officials said:

With attention focused on tensions between India and Pakistan in the wake of the attacks in Mumbai last month, U.S. officials are concerned that Pakistan will throttle back on its confrontation with militants in the tribal areas, opening the door to more such strikes.

U.S. military officials in Afghanistan declined to specify the number of vehicles destroyed in today's attack, but described the losses as militarily insignificant. However, the bold assault underscored the vulnerability of supplies moving by road through Pakistan.
Booman Tribune, commenting on the U.S. deployment to Afghanistan, compares the U.S. to the Soviets:

Now the American Empire is repeating the mistakes of the Soviet Empire. And the British Empire before it. Empires never learn, I guess.
Move evidence of the enemy at home, folks.


Old Rebel said...

Be honest with us. What would you do if a foreign power occupied your country? Would you swallow their arguments that they were here to liberate you, or would you resist?

C'mon. Just once, forget the Neocon crap. It's real easy: Yes, Mike, I'd listen to their justifications.

Or you might respond: They're invaders! Of course I'd resist!

AmPowerBlog said...

I'd fight, of course, Mike. But we're not the Mongol hordes, and we'll grant sovereignty and leave once Afghanistan is secure AND doesn't threaten our legitimate national security interests.

Go back to your corn crib, boy!

Anonymous said...

We're not the mongol hordes? We are responsible for much of the destruction of the relics and religious texts of the oldest civilization on Earth in Iraq. We are barbarians and you are an apologizer for barbarism.

AmPowerBlog said...

Anonymous: Just go away, really. I could just keep deleting your comments, since you really do have nothing intelligent to say. It's all America-bashing, and it's tiring.

Old Rebel said...

Check out the response to your stale outbursts, DD. You've lost it.

AmPowerBlog said...


Mike Tuggle you've gone stale here long ago. Why you come back is only known in your own unkempt mind.

Rich Casebolt said...

Tuggle, if my nation was ruled by a totalitarian theocracy, and the foreign power was seeking to facilitate the establishment of rights-respecting governance, I'd WELCOME their arrival.

That moral aspect is what you consistently leave out of the discussion ... just like the Leftists and "realists" do, and have done for decades to lead us astray from the proper course of action.

And anon ... are you reviving the old canard of alleged losses from "museum looting" (when in fact, the "looting" was done by the curators and staff to PROTECT the artifacts ) ... forgetting to consider that it is our enemies and/or common criminals that have done the vast majority of this (and in Afghanistan, too ... remember the Taliban blowing up those Buddhist statues?) ... or are you just straining at gnats to attempt to justify your point?

While we should strive to protect history, human lives are worth more than artifacts ... and we put an end to true barbarism as the ruling policy of Iraq.

Calling us "barbarians" is ludicrous ... and instead could be a revelation of your way of thinking.

Old Rebel said...


Yep, you'd make a perfect Benedict Arnold.

Rich Casebolt said...

Tuggle ... do I see blind loyalty to a nation here, like the leftists accuse ALL conservatives of having?

Methinks I would be less like Arnold, and more like this guy.

Old Rebel said...


Patriots defend their nations against invaders, no matter what the invaders promise.

Empires, whether Soviet or Yankee, invade other nations.

See the difference? What you call a theocracy is what these people want. It's their culture, and it is the height of arrogance to decide for others how they should live.