Monday, December 29, 2008

International Reaction to Israeli Self-Defense

This photograph, so deeply offensive and saddening, has gotten me thinking once again:

Israel Protests

The image is available at Ralph Peters' essay, and the caption reads: "Propaganda: Activists around the world, like this woman in Spain, protested Israel's airstrikes."

As Peters indicates at the article:

DEAD Jews aren't news, but killing terrorists outrages global activists. On Saturday, Israel struck back powerfully against its tormentors. Now Israel's the villain. Again ....
Yes, Israel's always identified as the villian, but folks shouldn't comfort themselves by suggesting that it's only the global left-fringe that's demonizing Israel's airstrikes. It's not just global activists denouncing Tel Aviv's "disproportionate" response. This morning's Wall Street Journal indicates that the United Nations has decried Israel's "excessive" force, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy has done so as well. It's clear by now that without the United States Israel would be standing alone against the forces of global postmodernism and appeasement to terror. The response at the U.N.'s General Assembly is the diplomatic equivalent to the swastikas on Spanish antiwar protest banners. People need to take a look around. Israel stands at the center of a global culture war. From international institutions, to the halls of heads of government, to the streets of the nihilist left's demonstrations, the plague of moral equivalence keeps creeping up - gaining strength just a month after Mumbai's demonstration of nihilist destruction - like a modern-day Black Death.

Melanie Phillips, thankfully, on the left's smear of "disproportion":

All too predictable – and going to plan, with assistance from the Club of Terror U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who condemned ‘excessive use of force leading to the killing and injuring of civilians’, and Navi Pillay, the ludicrous U.N. High Commissioner for ‘Human Rights’, who ‘strongly condemned Israel’s disproportionate use of force.’ Of course, the Club of Terror U.N. has been silent about the actual violations of international law by the Palestinians, as pointed out here by Justus Reid Weiner and Avi Bell ....

But for exercising its legal duty in accordance with international law, Israel is condemned and told to stop by politicians such as French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband. The moral inversion is staggering. Miliband has called for an immediate ceasefire by Israel. The implication is that Israel should suffer the Palestinian rockets attacks indefinitely.

If anything has been ‘disproportionate’, it’s been Israel’s refusal to take such action during the years when its southern citizens have been terrorised by rockets and other missiles raining down on them from Gaza. No other country in the world would have sat on its hands for so long in such circumstances. But whenever Israel defends itself militarily, its response is said to be ‘disproportionate’. The malice, ignorance and sheer idiocy of this claim is refuted here comprehensively by Dore Gold, who points out that Israel’s actions in Gaza are wholly in accordance with international law. This permits Israel to launch such an operation to prevent itself from being further attacked ....

Those who scream ‘disproportionate’ think – grotesquely - that not enough Israelis have been killed. But that’s in part because Israel cares enough about human life to construct air raid shelters where its beleaguered civilians take cover; Hamas deliberately stores its rockets and other apparatus of mass murder below apartment blocks and in centres of population in order to get as many of its own people killed as possible as a propaganda weapon. Hamas is thus guilty of war crimes not just against Israelis but against the Palestinian people. Yet on this there is – fantastically, surreally – almost total silence in the west, which blames Israel instead. Historical resonances, anyone?

As I've noted in my previous essays, what's most disturbing about the outbreak of war is the reaction on the left to Israel's actions. Again, readers should have no doubt, the left's denunciations against Israel are rhetorical displays of those Spanish protest banners. For the postmodernists, for all intents and purposes, the Israel state is the new Nazi regime. Melanie Phillips gets it. Caroline Glick gets it. And my friend Stogie at Saberpoint gets it, and I'll give him the last word:

We can expect the mainstream media to once again portray the Muslims as victims and the Israelis as aggressors. The overwhelming number of news photos coming out of the conflict depict Palestinians wailing over fallen comrades, or wounded ones with blood on their faces, being helped to the hospital. There are the usual photos of fat Muslim ladies with their mouths wide open in faux horror as they pose for the news cameras, and dusty wreckage of some Palestinian shithole recently renovated by Israeli ordnance. There are never any pictures of dead Israelis, or Palestinian rockets, or mutilated bodies of kidnapped and murdered Israelis. Even Fox News contributes to this gross imbalance in news coverage.

As for you, Palestinians, who rejoiced when your fellow barbarians murdered 3,000 Americans in 2001, I rejoice in the righteous destruction and long overdue payback for your evil, your barbarian savagery, your murderous and false religion. You have earned every bomb and every bullet, and since we don't practice Islamic finance, there will be a great deal of interest due with every payment. Enjoy.


shoprat said...

I guess the people of Israel are just supposed to lay down and die like good little Jews. Hitler would have loved these people.

AmPowerBlog said...

Yes, and the swasktikas are repulsive. I can't see why people think like this, Shoprat.

Greywolfe said...

your post here dovetails nicely with my post on what's coming. Check my dec. 21 post called "the stage is set for Magog's war". Things that make you say, "OOF!"

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Greywolfe!

Righty64 said...

Did you see that the peace-loving Hamas terroroists are introducing crucifixions for us pesky Christians who are "anti-Islamic"? I posted about this. Also, when hearing things like this, how can President-elect Obama say he can sit down and talk with degenerates like this?! Astounding!

AmPowerBlog said...

I'll check it out Mark!

Tom the Redhunter said...

So now the big concern in the "international community" is that Israel's response is "disproportionate."

Would they be happy, then, if Israel engaged in tit for tat? Fire one missile into Gaza for every one Hamas fired into Israel?

No, they'd condemn that as perpetuating a "cycle of violence."

What do they want, then? There are a group of people - all on the left - who imagine that if only the Israelis, Americans, whomever, would really really try, then we could conduct a clean war, one with very few casualties. They think we're just being careless in Gaza and Iraq.

But even so maybe I'm giving them too much credit.

AmPowerBlog said...

Hi Tom: I think most on the left would be just fine if Israel were to self-destruct.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


I was very struck by that picture you showed of the man with the blood of two Israeli's who were murdered on his hands. I looked at this picture. She has on a white glove with red paint on it. I saw in the background another person with a white glove and red on it. I saw on a sign a red hand pictured. What does this symbolize?? Are these people crying out for the blood of Jews to be on their hands?? Or does it mean something else??


AmPowerBlog said...

Grace: The picture here is to symbolize that Israel has blod on its hands.

To me, and I made the same connection you have, the blood is the blood of Israel, and the global left will not be through with their campaign of terror until the Jewish people are driven into the sea.

Anonymous said...

Yeh the "blood of Israel"? you guys are a laughing stock for credibility.

over 300 palestinians dead, 4 Israelis dead

"the blood of Israel"

What is it with you people and playing "make believe"? I thought we were supposed to over come this stage of development at the age of 5-6? Enjoy inventing/re-inventing the truths as per your own convenience.

Old Rebel said...

Congratulations, all. You've hit a new level of depravity that surprises even me. I realize you see Palestinians as sub-humans undeserving of rights or dignity, or even life. But even if the brutality of this illegal invasion doesn't bother you, think just a moment about the repercussions we're exposing ourselves to here at home as a result of this DC-sponsored, one-sided blitz against helpless civilians.

Apparently, that's too much to ask.

Anonymous said...

Michael Tuggle,

The only hope that Israel has in order to maintain its ongoing occupation is to use any means neccessary to mask the FACTS, that are on the ground.

Is there a reason why international media are prohibited from the Gaza strip? What a coincidence, coming from this so called country that claims to be teh beacon of democracy in the region.

You and are probably both aware that Israel has extremely efficient psychologic manipulation mechanisms in order to gain western support for its otherwise obvious brutality.

They are smart enough to know that if every single fact is exposed, on either side of this conflict, the entire Israeli leadership will be facing the Hague.

I hope that day arrives soon.

Old Rebel said...


If there's limited room in the Hague, I hope Bush & Cheney get hauled in first.

Here's an article that may interest you -- it's by an old friend of mine, Charley Reese:

Greywolfe said...

nice post DD. And congrats on bringing out the leftists at last.

Let me bring the uninformed libs reading this post up to speed.

Here's a little website you can look at:

According to this, just since sept 1993, 2,524 Israelis have been killed in hostile actions with the palestinians. This includes 1,172 terrorist murders.

However, let's not just make this about Israel. Here's the numbers by year of everyone killed in a palestinian terrorist bombing. However, this does not include palestinians that have killed palestinians.

For the sake of brevity I'll do the math for you. since 1920 the number of dead from palestinian attacks (non-palestinians)=3,673.

Hmm. I'm thinking that the bloody hands falls squarely with those pseudo-palestinians. aka syrians.

Old Rebel said...


Calling me a leftist says about everything we need to know about your grasp of the facts.

Instead of recycling Likud press releases, do a little research. Read the Reese article about Israel. Read what pro-American Americans have to say about the Middle East, instead of just the Israel-First crowd.

If nothing else, reject and denounce the celebration of bloodshed this site wallows in. Can you do that?

Greywolfe said...

I don't celebrate bloodshed. I abhor meaningless death. However, I believe that it is Israel's duty to her people to put terrorist organizations that are funded by Iran and supported by Syrian fundamentalists out of business. Permanantly. The fact is that these organizations have never given over on their goal of irradicating Israel. Any time a suicide bomber blows himself up or mortars are lobbed into Israeli neighborhoods, I believe that violence should be repaid 10 fold. The only way to make the syrians stop (which is the true nationality of ALL palestinians) is to make it too costly for them to continue. That or give them an eviction notice that they can't ignore. Personally, I think a global warrant for the extermination of all terrorist groups should be granted. No long term confinement, no prisoner swaps, just kill em and leave em as a message to the next group. It's the only thing they understand.

When are the weak kneed holier-than-thou peacenicks going to get it through their collective brainpans that the only way to win a race war is to make those that wish the ultimate destruction of another, themselves extinct. Not every man, woman, and child. Just every man woman and child that would join "the cause".

Greywolfe said...

And FYI, Charlie Reese reveals his anti-semite leanings in that piece of crap you call an article. I notice that when he focuses entirely on Israel and completely ignores the same actions when committed by a muslim organization or government.

I'm not saying that Israel doesn't make mistakes. Of course they do. They should have evicted every last palestinian that wouldn't except Jewish rule years ago. If someone buys your mortgage from the bank. Face it, you have a new landlord. Throwing rocks at that landlord will only get you evicted. If you're lucky enough that the landlord doesn't have a gun handy. If he does, first he'll shoot you and then he'll give your family an eviction notice.

Old Rebel said...


It's "a race war"?

Do explain.

I didn't see ONE fact cited in your arguement. All you did was dismiss Reese as anti-Semitic.

Are you saying Israel has NOT violated more UN resolutions than any other nation? Or that it did NOT lie about its nuclear weapons?

It's not enough just to toss a label at an arguement you can't deal with. (Talk about leftist tactics!)

Greywolfe said...

first, you should educate yourself as to how the "palestinians" educate their youth on the history and origins of the Jewish people. They say that they are descendants of pigs. They call for the irradication of the species. Seems a race war to me. If you have another definition, please enlighten me. And if you do not believe what I put forth about their educational system, that alone let's us know exactly what YOUR grasp of the facts are.

As for the U.N. and their position on Israel. Who gives a monkey fart what the U.N. says? They long ago showed themselves to be as useless as their predecessor, the League of Nations. I find them a reprehensible laughing stock and of absolutely no worth at all. They have, time and again, shown themselves to be nothing more or less than an Anti-American platform for every little Hitler wanna-be in a bad uniform.

Holding up the enemy as a reason to deny support to those who are morally on the high ground is as preposterous as anything you have said before. If you want an education, go to my blog. There is a series of videos called "Obsession". You watch what ex-terrorsist have to say about the palestinian problem and Islam in general and then come back to me with your anti-semitic rants.

Grow up and get your head of the sand. The world we live in isn't nice. There are evil people and yes religions, oops I've gone and become non-PC. Get over it. People like you that want to become apologists for the U.N. sicken me. The only time the U.N. ever takes an action that is other than morally ambivilant is when it is FORCED into it by us.

In short, go play with the rest of the mental midgets, and let the grownups talk.

Old Rebel said...


Once again, you're making zany assumptions.

We conservatives want nothing to do with the UN. It was W the Great who decided Americans had to shed blood to enforce UN resolutions against Iraq -- ignoring Israel's violations, of course.

And it was W who sent Colin Powell to lie about WMD to the UN, seeking an authorization to launch a preemptive strike, which the UN declined -- hence, illegal war.

And I'm sure the Palestinians are angry at a government that drove their ancestors from their homes in 1948, and still has "Jewish-only" roads, not to mention the immoral blockade of Gaza.

Greywolfe said...

First off, I'm not sure why you equate G.W. with conservatives. That was the biggest lie perpetrated in the last 8 years.

As for your assertion that he sent Powell to lie to the U.N. You're serious? If lie it was, and I'm not convinced of that, it was started by the Clinton administration. Every sovereign nation with an information gathering arm of government said the same.

But I will not continue to try to interupt your twisted way of thinking with logical and FACTUAL points of truth. I notice that you conveniently ignore any point made that you don't want to try to tackle.

As for the blockade. You're an idiot. they were using those roads to bring in arms and support for terrorists. They closed the roads and the Syrians built tunnels.

You are what was referred to as a "useful idiot" by Lennin. Get educated or shut up. I can't stand people that spout a line just because they want to feel morally superior.

Old Rebel said...

Greywolfe said, "I'm not sure why you equate G.W. with conservatives."

And I have no idea why you posted that. Show me a post I've made on this or any other spot on the entire Internet where I said George W. Bush was a conservative, and I will give you the title to my car.

W is a Neocon, which is a Trotskyite who's committed identity theft against real conservatives.

Then, believe it or not, Greywolfe said, "Every sovereign nation with an information gathering arm of government said the same."

Still sippin' on that Neocon Kool-aid, huh? The intelligence services of France, Germany, and Russia knew Saddam did not have WMD, and openly tried to prevent the US from invading Iraq. US weapons inspector Scott Ritter tried unsuccessfully to warn us Saddam had no WMD. Saddam's foreign minister and intelligence chief told the CIA that Saddam did not have WMD. Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix warned us there were no WMD in Iraq - and his inspectors were IN IRAQ until Bush ordered them out just before he ordered the invasion. The International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as the US Department of Energy and the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence knew there were no WMD in Iraq.

Remember Cheney's unprecedented visits to CIA analysts, and Feith's special office for massaging intelligence? Bush clearly wanted war.

As Scott McClellan, Bush's press secretary, revealed after he left office, the Bush administration manipulated information in a “propaganda” campaign before the Iraq war.

Answer me this: Why does Colin Powell regret the speech he made to the UN, where he tried (unsuccessfully, btw) to convince the delegates to approve an invasion of Iraq?

Greywolfe said...

"We conservatives want nothing to do with the UN. It was W the Great who decided Americans had to shed blood to enforce UN resolutions against Iraq -- ignoring Israel's violations, of course." insinuation is still insinuation. Keep your car, its probably a prius.
As for your comments about france, germany and russia... Weren't each of them implicated in the oil for food corruption scandal? And please stop spouting crap about the U.N. they have zero credibility when they put the likes of Qaddifi in charge of the human rights council.

talk about koolaid drinkers...jeese! And for the record, I'm no neo-con. I'm a Conservative. Pure and simple. And that is the last I've got to say to you, as it's apparent that you will never be able to get away from your Bush-derangement syndrom enough to look at the real world.

And again, you ignore things you can't refute.

Old Rebel said...


Face it, bub, you just blew it and aren't man enough to admit it. I never, ever, ever, said W was a conservative, and you can't face simple facts.

And what kind of conservative supports Open Borders, global democratic revolution, and sacrificing American lives to support the UN the way W did?

Only one kind: a Neoconservative, who is a leftist in conservative clothing.

You've been played for a fool, my friend.

Greywolfe said...

Pretty sure that was my line. Ok guys the floor is yours. I'm no longer sure what point MT is trying to make concerning anything.

And MT, for your edification, The only thing GW has done other than tax cuts that I agree with is the removal of the cease fire we had with Iraq. That is it. The rest is so much garbage on the heap of history.

And now we go back to our regular scheduled program of giving huge rounds of applause for Israel blowing militants back to Muhammed for their virgins.

Old Rebel said...

Greywolfe said "I'm no longer sure what point MT is trying to make concerning anything."

Whoa. Better get back to your New Year party. I'll summarize for you:

1 - Israel is more powerful than its helots in Gaza.

2 - W the not-so-great is not a conservative, and I never said he was, despite your contrary assertions

3 - It's still wrong for the mighty to bully the weak

4 - It was W and the Neocons who invoked the UN as justification for their invasion of Iraq

5 - What's the point? The knee-jerk worshipers of the DC empire are gonna do what they've gonna do.