Saturday, July 17, 2010

Erin Andrews in the News

In case you missed the latest on Erin Andrews, see: "Erin Andrews to join Robin Roberts on Good Morning America," "Erin Andrews files lawsuit against peeping Tom and hotels," and, "Erin Andrews’ replacement: ESPN’s Jenn Brown carving her own path."

I can't stand "The Examiner," but this piece is quite informed, "ESPN's Erin Andrews vs. Jenn Brown: Who says sexy doesn't mean successful in sports?"

For myself, I'm infinitely impressed with Erin Andrews. She went through a nightmare that perhaps no one else has endured in our sex-obsessed culture. She's capitalized on some of the exposure, and she's made some risky but productive choices in appearances and style. It all seems to be working out well, and she's getting promoted for much more than any sympathy votes in response to the generalized inhumane media treatment of her last year.

An interesting and talented women. Hats off to Erin Andrews.