Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Bankers Killed the Community Colleges?

At WaPo, "Workers seek new skills at community colleges, but classes are full." (via Memeorandum).

Suburban Guerilla responds:
In the UK, the politicians cut education funding, the high school kids saw their future slipping away and took to the streets. Meanwhile, in the United States, people sit and wait quietly for crumbs to fall from the banquet table of the bankers. What is wrong with this picture
I commented at the post:

Great idea. We'll just burn everything down like the freak anarchists in London. That'll make everything better. It's not the bankers who're killing education in the states. It's the unions. Get a clue.
More about folks who aren't entitled to their own facts, I guess. The Suburban Guerilla should read Steven Malanga, Shakedown: The Continuing Conspiracy Against the American Taxpayer.


See also, "The Beholden State."