Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Club StarZ

In the O.C.

My kid's going tomorrow night, although my wife and I have been thinking twice about it. How's this sound?

All Club dates will be announced on our home page. There will be specific dates throughout the school year. We become weekly during the summer. Club Starz is an all age dance club geared toward the high school crowd. Club Starz is ages 14-19 only. Club Starz serves absolutely NO ALCOHOL. We do have for purchase soda, water and energy drinks. Playing the hottest in Top 40, Techno, Hip Hop, Electro, progressive, house, remixes and mash-ups. You must present your student ID, driver’s license or passport at the door. Our security staff is on duty inside and outside the club the entire evening. Everyone entering Club Starz is searched by security to ensure safety for everyone. We are open rain or shine.
General Dress Code:
No baggy clothing of any kind
No jerseys
No long t-shirts
No excessive amounts of jewelry
No bandanas, du rags, caps, hoodies
Nothing that supports gang attire
No jersey tank tops
No lingerie
Shoes must be worn at all times.
As long as it's not a rave.