Sunday, November 28, 2010

WikiLeaks Diplomatic Cables

Blazing Catfur has the key headline: "Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables Released by Times, Der Spiegel."

Here's this at NYT, "
Cables Obtained by WikiLeaks Shine Light Into Secret Diplomatic Channels." And I love this at Spiegel: "A Superpower's View of the World." And Doug Mataconis has a report: "Wikileaks Releases Diplomatic Cables, Revealing International Secrets." (Via Memeorandum.) I've commented on WikiLeaks extensively. I won't think twice if Julian Assange meets the cold blade of an assassin, and apparently a significant number of others don't care for the guy. See the WikiLeaks Twitter page and Hot Air: "Wikileaks servers under DOS attack ahead of diplomatic document dump" (with lots of updates). I continue to be amazed at the fawning credibility Assange gets on the progressive left. Anything that tears down the military --- even putting at risk the lives of Americans and our allies --- is totally cool with these freaks. But maybe something good will come of all this, in the end.



David III said...

This loser Assange will probably meet an untimely and unpleasant end... car accident... plane accident or maybe he will just "fall" in the shower... I cannot wait to read about it! However, the leaks do show that obamy is totally clueless and WAY in over his head, Billary is setting him up to fail big time! LOL I love it when the progressives eat their own... They must be tasty as they are doing it on a regular basis now, let's all enjoy the show now as the SHTF is on it's way!

Dennis said...

Simply question! What is it that the Obama administration can actually protect? It would be kind to call them hapless, but even that does not describe the incompetence exhibited by this administration.
Why is most of this happening now????????????????????? The only protected groups we have are those most likely to act against the interests of the United States. Assange is just a symptom of how weak Obama and his administration are at any of the core competences a government should exhibit.
There was a movie years ago where a bunch of Leftists thought that if someone like Hilter would have been killed early in his career history would be different. So that set a side a process to cure the evils, as they saw it, of the world.
They would invite people over that disagreed with them to discuss various issues and then decide to kill them with poisoned wine. They were having a great old time killing all those they considered dangerous. There was one teen girl who disagreed with abortion that they did allow to live. It comes to pass that they invite someone over who is just as evil as they are and the Leftists wind up drinking their own wine and the "bad" guy just laughs and leaves the premise. This real describes the Obama administration. When you seeks to deceive you are the one who gets deceived.

theCL said...

"I won't think twice if Julian Assange meets the cold blade of an assassin ..."

Paraphrasing Jesus?

You're a good guy, at least I think so. Maybe you want to think twice about the "virtue" of advocating murder. There are things in this world much more important than government.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Why the hell is this dude not in jail. And interesting how he didn't do this while Bush 43 was in office. Coincidence? Didn't think so...