Monday, November 29, 2010

The Classical Liberal: Israel Bashing Paleocon?

I used to link TCL fairly often for the weekly Rule 5 entries, as recently as a month or two ago. But while cruising around over there a while back I noticed some positive chatter on Ron Paul's ideological positions. Since then I've just left the dude alone. But now it turns out that he's in my comments disgreeing with my ruminations on Julian Assange (I said "I won't think twice if Julian Assange meets the cold blade of an assassin"). Look, I consider Assange an enemy of the state. If he was an American he could be charged with espionage and perhaps sentenced to death. Marc Thiessen's written on this at length (and more today: "Obama administration is weak in the face of WikiLeaks"). John Hawkins has been out front on this for a while: "The CIA Should Kill Julian Assange." And it's like I said, I wouldn't think twice if Assange met an untimely fate. Perhaps no one in history has leaked more classified information. And not only is he putting American lives at risk, he's abetting terrorism. I don't like him and I want him stopped. So what does TCL have to say? Well ...
You're a good guy, at least I think so. Maybe you want to think twice about the "virtue" of advocating murder. There are things in this world much more important than government.
Hmm. I'm a "bad guy" if I reject illegal violations of U.S. sovereignty, not to mention the larger compromise of American national security interests and the security of our allies? Okay, I guess I'm a bad guy then. Or, I'm bad if you're half-baked Paulbot. Yep. Looking over at TCL's right now it's clear the dude's all in for the Texas Congressman, defending him against claims of anti-Semitism, trutherism, or what have you. See, "Ron Paul Sucks!", and "'Israel’s intransigence could cost American lives'." And that's just for starters. The first one's a snarkly piece where TCL links to some lame Paulbot-worshippers, "Why Ron Paul is wrong on every damn thing!", and "Ron Paul, not a Truther, nor a Birther, but perhaps a Round-Earther." And the second one's a classic Israel-bashing screed:
As we speak, America is facing both a constitutional and financial crisis of epic proportions. So tell me, please, how "conservative" is it, really, to render America's best interests subservient to the desires of the Israeli government, while spending trillions of dollars fighting wars without end, with nothing substantial to show for it?
And that's what really bugs me. "Subservient to the desires of the Isreali government"? I really don't like going there, but this is the same territory as Mearsheimer and Walt. I wrote on that recently: "The London Review of Bigotry." Plus, see View From the Right, "The Paleocon anti-Semitic Complex." And NewsReal has lots of stuff, especially "7 Videos That Prove Ron Paul is a Leftist in Libertarian Clothing." And also Jane Jamison: "Ron Paul: Anti-Semite: Case Closed."

No Ron Paul

I'm sure TCL means well. But he's way over the anti-Semitic side of town, and I can't hang with that. And that's to say nothing of the America- and Israel-bashers at Faux-Conservative Times.



Stogie said...

Hmm, well I left a comment over at Legal Insurrection that the CIA should "just assassinate the SOB." Several other commenters agreed with me. This rotten leftist has made war on the USA and he should be taken out if he cannot be arrested and tried.

AmPowerBlog said...

I tend to ignore the Paleos, Stogie. But when they come on my blog I'm gonna let 'em have it.

Thanks for commenting.

yzernik said...

Ironically, the wikileaks documents boosted Israel's strategic position. They show that the Obama Administration is trying to make Israel into a scapegoat over the "Palestinian issue", which nobody in the Middle East really cares about. The Arab regimes only care about Iran.

In the short term, Julian Assange actually did Israel a favor. The people that defend Assange are not doing it because they are anti-Israel, they are doing it because they are anti-American.

Dennis said...

Actually I am beginning to think this may be another example of "unintended consequences" for Assange. As TLOS infers this may strengthen the ideas and actions of many people the Left tried to demonize and condemn. Better yet it appears to make Obama and various other Leftists look disingenuous and prone to outright lies.
The fact is that both this administration and the military have been very loose with COMSEC. What happened to the "Human Reliability Program" that most of us were subjected to that had Top Secret clearances? This person should not have had access to any more than "need to know." Having been a Systems Security Officer I wonder where these people were and what were they doing.
One should not allow themselves to get side tracked by the potential damage and not see and/or correct where the real problem lies. This would not be as possible nor as big had people been doing their jobs.