Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea Nuclear Fears Grow

Reaganite Republican has the story, "North Korean Nuclear Program Advancing Rapidly, Gearing-Up for Export."

But of course this is no doubt a bunch of
neocon fearmongering. Or, something: "U.S. Calls North Korea's Nuclear Revelation a 'Publicity Stunt'."

That's right. We shouldn't get too carried away. It's not like regime change would help or anything: "
WikiLeaks Show WMD Hunt Continued in Iraq – With Surprising Results."


Reaganite Independent said...

Looks like the "neocons" got it right again...

North Korea Attacks South, Dozens Injured, Houses Burning...

Fighter jets already in the air

Dennis said...

What else can you expect from one of the most incompetent Presidents we have ever had in this country. Between dealing with a Taliban imposture, demonizing his own country, alienating almost every ally we have and large portions of the electorate, taking the concept of waiting to make a decision in the hopes it will go away to ridiculous extremes, to Iran, North Korea and a list to lengthy to expound on it is hard to come to any other conclusion. The list of things that this guy doesn't know exceeds exponentially what little he does know and that is being kind.
One would have to conclude that a "community organizer" is only good for making trouble and never good at solving them.