Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Launches Deadly Artillery Attack on South Korea

At NYT, "North and South Korea Exchange Fire, Killing Two." (At Memeorandum.)

And from Yonhap News, "Foreign Ministry Accuses N. Korea of Violating Armistice":
South Korea's foreign ministry on Tuesday called North Korea's artillery attack a "clear provocation" that violates multiple agreements between the two nations and instructed all of its overseas missions to be on emergency alert.

Ministry spokesman Kim Young-sun said Tuesday's attack violates the inter-Korean armistice, the United Nations Charter and other agreements that call for non-aggression between the two sides.
Also, at WSJ, "North Korea Aggression Sets Major Test for President Obama":
When America wakes up this morning the world will look to Washington and weigh President Obama’s words. For all China’s growing power, and its status as North Korea’s principal supporter, in an international crisis the U.S. president is still in the hot seat. The situation demands a clear-throated response and a robust commitment to support South Korea that the North Korean government and the Chinese hear properly. The alternative, a load of waffling, won’t be taken seriously by the aggressor.
Well, I'm not holding my breath.

More at London's Telegraph, "
North Korea shells South Korean island: Q&A." Plus, at LAT, "South Koreans wonder about North's motives," and "North Korea's mind games at the negotiating table."


dave in boca said...

I'll bet the jug-eared Napoleon has his speechwriters ready and getting locked and loaded on their ipads to register some stern and stalwart LANGUAGE. It's the only thing this speechifying moron does halfway decently, as long as there's a teleprompter nearby.

AmPowerBlog said...

"jug-eared Napoleon."

That's a good one, Dave!

Dennis said...

Dave in boca,
The real problem here is that every tin pot dictator in the world knows that that is all Obama is capable. At least Napoleon understood that respect comes from power and the willingness to use it whereas Obama thinks respect come from the teleprompter and his willingness to use it. He just has to toss off a few well chosen words and Iran, North Korea, et al will cringe in horror and fear of his majesty.
That jug-eared Napoleon is just going to get us all killed.