Friday, November 26, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Mexico Bikini Pics!

Just got the tip at WeSmirch, and I'm trying to avoid "Holiday Traffic Suckage Season," so what the heck?

Besides, I'm not getting too many reciprocal links from that last epic round of Rule 5 linkage. (And Glenn Reynolds hasn't linked.) So what can you do?

See London's Daily Mail, "
Jennifer Aniston recycles her favourite bikini on girls holiday to Mexico with Chelsea Handler," and RadarOnline, "PHOTOS: Bikini Girls Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler Enjoy Thanksgiving Sunshine in Mexico."

And the main story's at UsWeekly, "
Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea Handler Flaunt Bikini Bods in Mexico."

Let's see if
Bob Belvedere can dig that, and Washington Rebel as well.

And I haven't linked Pat Austin in some time, so check out her great holiday blogging.


Anonymous said...

From the linked article above: "You wouldn't catch her wearing a red carpet outfit more than once. But it seems that when it comes to the beach, Jennifer Aniston is sensibly more conservative."

See, she's conservative now, the article says so - therefore this post is completely relevant to the political nature of this blog and not a shameless ploy for hits at all!

commoncents said...

VERY NICE! Thanks for posting!

Common Cents

Greybeard said...

She's got great landing gear...
Where are they?

Bob Belvedere said...

I can dig it, brotha!

Linked to at:
Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pics

Kudos for beating the rest of us to it.