Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kim Novak Says She's Bipolar — 'Branded as Difficult' by Hollywood, 'They Prohibited Her Friendship With Sammy Davis Jr.'

Once you've seen "Vertigo", you're hooked on Kim Novak.

And she's in the news, at Los Angeles Times, "Kim Novak says she's bipolar, regrets leaving Hollywood."

And get this on her conflicts with establishment Hollywood:

Kim Novak
She was branded as difficult, Novak said, in part because she rejected attempts by studio executives to define and control her. At one point, they wanted her to take the name "Kit Marlowe" and wear her makeup like Joan Crawford did; at another, they prohibited her friendship with Sammy Davis Jr., saying it was too provocative.
Too provocative, right.

And just think, it's conservatives who're constantly attacked as "racist." Meanwhile, not much has changed regarding Hollywood's "promotion" of "diversity."