Monday, June 18, 2012

Cherokee Activists Will Travel to Boston to Challenge Elizabeth Warren on Native American Claims

It seems to me that if one had such a wonderful background as a Native American you'd be exciting about meeting with those of your tribal origins. Of course, very few people make claims like Elizabeth Warren, so it's no surprise she's blowing smokescreens over the Bay State.

At the Boston Herald, "Cherokee, Warren showdown: Tribe activists find Liz claim ‘offensive’."

Cherokee activists who say Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has ignored their emails and phone calls will trek to Boston this week in hopes they can force a meeting with the Democratic Senate candidate over her “offensive” Native American heritage claims.

“It’s almost becoming extremely offensive to us,” said Twila Barnes, a Cherokee genealogist who has researched Warren’s family tree. “We’re trying to get in contact and explain why her behavior hurts us and is offensive, and she totally ignores that. Like we don’t exist.”

Late last night, a Warren campaign official told the Herald that staffers will “connect” and “offer to have staff meet with them.”

The four women, who Barnes said are all registered Cherokee tribal members — from Missouri, Oregon, Oklahoma and one within the Bay State — are due to arrive in Boston late today for four days. But they are closely guarding their itinerary, and Barnes would not say exactly what they have in mind.

“We’re going to be visible. We have some things planned,” said Barnes, hinting: “It’s (Warren’s) birthday this week.”
These women are Democrats and independents, so it's about authenticity not politics.

Should be good.

More at Legal Insurrection, "Cherokees travel to Mass but Elizabeth Warren refuses to meet them."