Saturday, June 9, 2012

'The Other McCain' Gets 10 Million Hits!

Robert Stacy McCain has a special event today: "TEN MILLION HITS! and Presenting … Our Top 20 Most Commented Posts."

And now more than ever, here's pulling for 10 million more.

(Check the archives, to catch my drift: "The Kimberlin Files.")

UPDATE: The Daley Gator comments, "Ten Million hits? Now The Other McCain is just showing off."

The Daley Gator is pushing 2 million hits. Here at AmPower, I'm pushing 4 million. Should reach that milestone sometime around late-September or October. If not, that means I'm slackin'!

MORE: From Evil Blogger Lady, "Congratulations to The Other McCain on its 10 millionth hit!"