Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Progressives Utterly Crushed After Failed Wisconsin Recall

I'll be trolling around looking for updates, but I doubt you could find a more abject sore loser than the AFL-CIO. And this ultimate sore-loser tweet was posted after the networks projected the Scott Walker win. It wasn't a "win or lose" scenario by that time. The left lost, and they lost bad.


And see Twitchy, "Walker wins; Twitter explodes."

I tweeted Markos Moulitsas:
Markos threw in the towel here.

And I really do believe that progressivism died tonight. For the last 18 months we've heard leftists proclaim a surge and revival of progressivism, following the first protests against Walker in Madison, and then when the Occupy movement gave fresh hopes to so many more. But when push came to shove in the Badger State, all the left's forces couldn't get it done. But note something here: While progressivism as a functional, viable ideology in American politics is dead, the activist left will continue to drone on like a Zombie starved for brains. As Roger Simon noted a couple of weeks back:
Liberalism as an ideology is in its death throes. Only the power trip remains.
More later...

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BWHAHAHA!! Check out Erik "Union Boss" Loomis, at Lawyers, Guns and Money:
As I mentioned before, I am generally opposed to the idea of recall on principle.
Yeah. Right.

And if Walker would've lost you'd be dancing a jig until the cows come home. What a loser and a clown.

More, from PoliPundit, "Bwahahahahaha!":
In 2010, the greatest Republican landslide in decades, Scott Walker won by 6 points. In 2012, with the left throwing everything it had at him, Walker became the only governor ever to survive a recall, crushing his hapless opponent by… 10+ points!!


Republicans also appear to have taken all four senate seats by massive margins.

I love it!

More, 9:30pm, at Lonely Conservative, "Forget the old media. They stink. Try the new media. We rock."

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