Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scott Eric Kaufman Hates Smokin' Hot Babes — And Negotiated Legal Agreements Too, Apparently

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."
— Matthew 7:20
Last year, when I was defending myself against Carl Salonen's sick campaign of workplace harassment, I was also defending against an almost identical campaign of allegations launched by progressive douchebag Scott Eric Kaufman at Lawyers, Guns and Money. I have blogged very little concerning Kaufman's allegations because my attorney negotiated an agreement between the parties not to contact each other, or in Kaufman's words, not to "engage each other online" in any way whatsoever. I thought that meant not blog about each other, but SEK complained to my attorney after I left a comment at his blog, Acephalous. He then claimed the rule meant no blogging, commenting, or anything at all related to each other. Well, maybe not after all. It turns out that SEK's got a new post at LGM, at the screencap, which clearly constitutes a willful abrogation of any previous legal arrangements (and SEK's own interpretation of those). See: "Because really important news always involves bikinis."

SEK Violates

SEK links four posts there:

* Instapundit's recent entry linking to me, "PROF. DONALD DOUGLAS covers the really important news."

* John Hawkins' latest contest results at RWN, "The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In the New Media (2012 Edition)."

*Wonkette's hit piece against John Hawkins, "Here Are the Hottest Conservative Men to Judge the 20 Hottest Conservative Women."

* And SEK's own earlier hit piece against me, one of the posts that led up to his campaign of allegations against me at my college, "Last word on The Donalde (until the next one)."

Here's the letter SEK sent to my department chair, on June 3, 2011:


One of the more interesting background details on this is that at one point SEK, in all of his attack blogging, claimed he wasn't "actually petty enough" to go after me at my job with allegations of sexual harassment like those above. See this comment, for example:
I was certainly threatening his job, just as as someone’s threatened mine in the past. I know, but can’t reveal, who wrote those anonymous letters to the chair of my former department because this person used the word “demonology” in a familiar way, and quite possibly quoted a post of a familiar someone, and used an easily identified address in an email sent from an IP address already identified with blah blah blah.

I’m not actually petty enough to go after his job, because I’m sure the chair of this person’s department — unlike the person who received this person’s emails, who was the chair of a department that wasn’t mine — but I’m sure this person’s chair has heard all these complaints before, from students and outsiders, and sincerely wishes this person was never granted tenure. I can’t prove that I’ve heard words to that effect … but keep in mind that I’m being advised by a lawyer about how to deal with this person’s actions, and he’s advising me write about this, and I quote, “in a way that makes it public knowledge, for the record, but without saying anything definitive.”
A screencap of that quote is here, for the record. And the original post is here.

Obviously, Scott Eric Kaufman is "petty enough" to do something despicable like that. And he's obviously so clinically obsessed with his politically correct jihad against babe blogging that he couldn't resist posting about me again --- after he announced a purported agreement to completely stand down from any interaction. What an idiot and an asshole.

Any such purported legal agreement is hereby null and void. Heretofore I had reluctantly held fast to the "stand down" arrangement, but that's no longer necessary, by no action of my own. (See the screencap of the traffic Kaufman's throwing me here.)

And for your reading pleasure, compare SEK's allegations to Carl Salonen's: "Carl Salonen Libelous Workplace Allegations of Child Pornography and Sexual Harassment at Long Beach City College."