Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anaheim's Canyon High School 'Seniores' and 'Señoritas' Events Cancelled After Complaints Alleging Racism

What's really interesting is that the school's been having these events for years. Check the photos at the report. Some just awful denigrating stereotypes. And Canyon High used to be a really elite school in the area. It's Anaheim Hills, where the big money neighborhoods are.

At the Los Angeles Times, "Anaheim high school cancels events found to be demeaning":
"Seniores" and "Señoritas" events held at an Anaheim high school — in which students dressed as gang members and a pregnant woman pushing a baby stroller — have been canceled after officials concluded the activities were demeaning toward Latinos and their culture.

The events, which have been held for at least three years at Canyon High School, took place during senior activity week in June and were approved by campus administrators, according to school district officials.