Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nicole Kidman in 'V Magazine'

Now this is a first-class woman.

Nicole Kidman
See, "Truth or Bare":
For a while, the shoot was going ordinarily enough. The woman of the hour primped and posed in pieces from Chanel, Lanvin, Miu Miu, and the like. But then, her figure being just too sick for words, the clothes came flying off. We have now reached the point at which Kidman is lying on the ground in a bra and panties with a red fur coat falling off her, in what is sometimes referred to in fashion circles as the dead girl pose. Most any other actress of her caliber (there aren’t many) would likely say, “You know what? I don’t think so.” Or someone from her camp would swoop in and with a tap on the shoulder inform the stylist and creative team that things were going just a bit too far. But not Kidman. In fact, the only protestations coming from her rep, Leslee Dart, are that 1) the shoot is running over and Nicole could miss her plane, and 2) who on earth is going to help get all this bronze body paint off her?
And at Telegraph UK, "Nicole Kidman strips off for 'V Magazine'.'