Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pat Caddell Slams Barack Obama: 'Most Negative Personal Campaigner in the Oval Office Ever...'

I was watching Hannity last night, and this exchange was freakin' amazing, via RCP, "Caddell: Obama "Most Negative Personal Campaigner In The Oval Office Ever":

Pat Caddell
"Let me tell you what's really bad, Sean. The president is running the real risk, every time you keep lowering the standard, breaking tradition -- this is Chicago politics. We don't care, we are going to disrupt your convention. For all the times we have had conventions, we have honored the idea in politics, you have yours, we have ours; then we engage a campaign. They're taking down all of this, just like the president's campaign; he has been the most negative personal campaigner in the oval office -- ever, ever," former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell said on FOX News' Hannity" tonight.

"You know what?" Caddell asked. "Winning matters more and that's what he is risking."
Watch it at the link.

Caddell is a Democrat pollster and former key advisor to President Jimmy Carter. He spoke at the David Horowitz West Coast Retreat in 2001. He's got an uncanny take on politics, extremely perceptive and completely confident of his opinions. While he's been attacked as a Democrat turncoat, his inside credentials add some powerful gravitas to the attack on Team Obama's unprecedented politics of destruction.

More at The Hill, "Team Obama breaks precedent to try to spoil Romney’s convention in Tampa." (At Memeorandum.) And see Mark Hemingway, at the Weekly Standard, "Obama's Risky Convention Gambit."

PHOTO CREDIT: Wikipedia.